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Rhombus > Psychonauts 2 changeover [PitRoR SPOILERS]

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so, it's been said that rhombus of ruin was a story tim didn't intend to tell, psychonauts 2 always beginning right after the psychonauts get back from that mission, being like "what a fun mission, right guys?"

and i figured it'd be like that still after both ROR and PN2 were announced, but there were actually a few big things in rhombus that i'm struggling to figure out how they'll be dealt with smoothly.

mostly with regards to doctor loboto. i assume he's going to be dealt with in psychonauts 2 some more (what with him being stowed away in the overhead bin) but him being still alive and being a lobotomized psychic seemed like pretty huge reveals to me.

so, having said that ROR isn't a required play to fully enjoy psychonauts, how are they gonna make those two big reveals come off smoothly and satisfyingly when loboto pops up in psychonauts 2?

i of course have the utmost faith in tim's writing, but i still wonder how he's gonna pull it off. thoughts?

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Maybe there will be a recap at the beginning of Psychonauts 2 that sums up the story from Rhombus of Ruin?

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