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PC Steam Release Launch Crash

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Dear ..... well anyone reading this.


Tonight I finally purchased one of my favorite games ever BRUTAL LEGEND! from Steam. Now after it installing, I am met with the most unwanted surprise ever. The game crashes " Brutal Legend has stopped responding" as soon as I launch it. No logos, titles, or  displays at all. Simply Launch > Black Screen > Crash. 

Reading  through FAQs, and forums ( Luckily my professional  job is Software Support and I  have to look for fixes for things all the time ), I found a few issues that could be the  case, as listed below:

-Game Crashes due to unusual USB Devices ( Namely Webcams ): Unhooked my webcam , 360 Controller, and everything else not my Keyboard and mouse. No change

-Same as above even after system reboot

-Verified Integrity of Steam Cache Files


-System Spec Requirements are  met ( 16GB RAM , GTX 1080TI, Physical Memory more than adequate)

-Disabled possible conflicting software ( AV, FW,  Anti-Malware, CAM ( MB Monitoring and LED Controls , GOG Galaxy ) executable processes ended  for good measure.

Issue  is reoccurring and unable to be repair. I really do not want to request a refund. but I do not want a game for $14.99 sitting on my system that I cannot play. No matter  how excited I am to play or wish to support it. Any assistance with this matter would be most appreciate


~Granistar Gaming

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I did speak with them. Luckily I was  able to  resolve the  issue myself. Great people though. This  topic can be  closed or Deleted based on  Admin Preference.

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