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AF 2018?

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The last Amnesia Fortnight was a year ago. Can we hope for a new edition this year? 

... Pleaaaaaaaase ! :) 

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I want another one too, especially since the fan projects were a lot of fun to participate in last year.

However, it would probably be a bit premature since Amnesia Fortnights of the past have happened between two and three years after the last.

I'd wager after Psychonauts 2 is done, they'd likely have another Amnesia Fortnight to clear their minds after their current big game is done.

If they do, I hope they keep Amnesia Fortnight public and have fan projects involved again too. :D

Edit (May 1):

That said, if you want to do a little bit of Amnesia Fortnighting, the fan Amnesia Fortnight projects are still open for participation. :)

Bad Golf Community Edition


The Lost Dev Team

Amnesia Adventure

Oh, and although it wasn't part of the Amnesia Adventure, you can always contribute to the Forum Downtime Funtime Adventure:riggs:

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