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I bought the physical CD copy of Psychonauts long ago. I just learned that Psychonauts 2 was being produced, which I'm glad to hear. I thought I would install my old copy of Psychonauts and replay it in anticipation of purchasing the new sequel. Unfortunately one of the CDs did not work right. No problem, I had seen it on Steam, so I thought I would just register my game on Steam and download it.  I then discovered that my copy of Psychonauts does not have a registration key. Did it come with a key and I've lost it, or did it never have a key? It has been a long time since I played it and I don't remember.  If no key then I presume there is no way for me to register it on Steam, right?


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I didn't discover Psychonauts until its revival much later, so I have no idea if the original PC release had any sort of key.

My recommendation is to buy a new, digital copy of Psychonauts from the Humble Store, as they currently (right now) have it for sale for $2.49 USD, and then proudly display your original on a shelf.

The package from Humble not only gets you DRM-free offline installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but it also gets you a key for all three on Steam. You can alternatively buy effectively the same thing from Double Fine's shop (scroll down; powered by Humble, so you'd go to them for your downloads/key) for $10.

GOG also has Psychonauts DRM-free for $10; the difference being you get a digital manual and a large pile of art goodies in lieu of a Steam key.

And, of course, you can just buy it straight from Steam for $10, without any DRM-free installers or goodies.

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