[Steam] camera control with mouse not working

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recently I have purchased Psychonauts on steam and for some reason I am unable to use the mouse for moving the camera.

I have searched online and have tried all the solutions I have found, but none have worked so far:

  • unplugging any usb devies (only usb devices I have connected are my mouse + keyboard)
  • changing from fullscreen to window mode
  • deactivating smart camera


I can run around, use the left mouse button to attack and anything but the mouse-camera. (I really don't want to use the num block)


Is there any way to fix this or maybe a workaround I have missed? I have only seen so far that this problem happens to several people and some of them could solve it by unplugging any usb devices. (which is not working unfortunately)

I am by far no controller player (that's why I have bought it on steam) and it would be great to be able to play the game.:D

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No, I haven't. I had thought this were the right place for my problem. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that now.

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