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Hi Everyone,

For a study, I would like to ask for your assistance by participating in a survey. The study aims to find out what motivate gamers to play games on gaming platforms, such as Smartphone, PC, Console. In this survey, you will be asked to answer a series of questions about your prior experience in gaming. It will take under 20 minutes to complete the survey. Your answers will be used for research purpose only.

Anyone who has played video games on any platform can join the survey. Please follow the link to participate:

Thank You!

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I tried to leave as sensible answers as possible, but some answers turned out to be contradictory due to the nature they were asked. I had to start the survey anew because of bullet #2.

  • The "what platform" question came out super muddled. Steam is not and will never be a "gaming platform" in comparison to "PC". If I get DRM free games from Humble Bundle or GOG, do I play "on PC"? Is "on PC" everything Windows/Linux/Mac that doesn't use Steam? What if I have to use Origin, Uplay or whatever shit RockStar screws its customers with these days? Doesn't make sense to me. :ph34r:
  • The question "did you EVER play mobile/tablet games?" and the follow up questions when you tick "yes". Honestly, I had to answer "yes", because I've used tablets of friends before. But the entire batch of following question has no "none of the above"/"almost never" answer, which it would be in my case.
  • Question 46 will yield very one sided results because it practically leaves all the emotional involvement with story, characters, plot decision, voice acting etc. in an "other" field. It'll be difficult to find gamers who state they play games because of the "beautiful graphics". A lot do that, but few recognize that they do. And that's the only tickable box that doesn't describe gamers as heavily competitive hunters of horribly extrinsic rewards or consumerist junkies that buy unfinished products. Starting with 53, the questions are all about the competition again. But gamers increasingly don't play for the competition. Double Fine's games especially. It doesn't make sense to ask about my "performance", "winning", "trying my best", etc. for any of those three games. 
  • Question 49, also a problem. All of the games I mentioned I pick up time and again only to complete them in a week or two. So I've been playing them for up to 15 years, but I'm forced to tick "one week". The follow up questions, particularly 52, don't make much sense if you describe your favorite games. In fact, all these questions seem to make sense for online/multiplayer/open world stuff that you're supposed to be playing consistently for years.

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