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Double Fine QA

Grubbins On Ice DLC for XBLA and PSN is now available. Pause cutscenes... save anywhere!!!

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After playing through it, I have three comments:

1) Is it even possible to

WIN the first battle?

Cause it seems like you just barely can.

2) I was completely blind as to seeing what the battle form for the eyeball was ((wow ain't that ironic?)) so I was totally surprised by it and thought it was amazing~

3) at the ending cutscene, this is what I actually said outloud: "


" in a good way 8U

Overall, I loved it and can't wait for anything new you guys come up with~~

EDIT: ... huh, spoiler tags don't seem to be working. Oh well, recolored bits white, so just highlight them.

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Hello everyone! first time on forum, couldnt get my french fry costume to work!!DOH!! Starting game again!!

anyway my question about Grubbins is can u save the game seperatley to the main game or not??

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