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Double Fine, can we get a hard mode in the next DLC?

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I love CC but being able to beat it in a couple hours and having literally nothing left to do makes me depressed after the ride is over each time. Here's some ideas, free of charge, unlike the expensive ideas sold at the idea store:

Challenge Mode - You can choose it from the start, instead of normal mode.

- Give most monster groups a healer that has high HP. Give him more spells, like group DOT cure, and group shield.

- Make times to pull off a successful dodge or hit way shorter.

- Give various bonus skills to monsters. Ones for stun (target loses their next turn), debuff (target loses their battle stamp power next turn), and power down (target loses half their special skill power up energy)

- If any party member dies, they lose the battle stamp they were using. They can be found to repurchase at a stamp seller.

If this were a title update or with new DLC, I'd love it. Or anything to make the experience a little different for the elder gamers among us.

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