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Tim Schafer

The Fry Bug, and Associated Misery

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Hi Costume Quest Fans,

There is a known issue with the December 2010 update to Costume Quest. People have reported that the French Fry costume in Fall Valley no longer performs its exploration ability, and therefore a game-critical quest cannot be completed.

-If you haven’t yet started playing Costume Quest this bug will not affect you. The costume will work properly.

-If you have played Costume Quest but have completed the quest using the Fry costume in Fall Valley, this bug will not affect you. The costume performs normally in combat and the “Lure” ability is not needed after that quest.

-If you have an in-progress save game and have not yet completed the quest using the Fry costume, you will experience this bug and will not be able to finish the game.

-This bug does not affect the Fry costume in Grubbins on Ice.

Unfortunately, the only work around for this bug is to restart your Costume Quest game. Does this make you super angry? I hear you. I am angry about it too. Unfortunately, it is the best option. There is currently no patch planned to address this bug because we do not have the testing resources to ensure that any patch would not introduce even more bugs. And if we introduced more bugs then we'd have to start more forum threads about it, and make more patches, and soon we'd all be caught up in an infinite loop of sadness and no candy.

We are very, very sorry about this bug. I hope that with an hour or two of playing you will be back where you left off and we can all be friends again.



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