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New genres for Double Fine to work in

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DF has already made games covering a variety of genres: action platformer (Psychonauts), Action adventure/RTS (Brutal Legend), RPG (Costume Quest), puzzle (Stacking), and now they're moving into third person shooters (Trenched). I like a company that's willing to experiment with a variety of different styles, and here are some I'd like to see them tackle next.

- survival horror: this would probably turn out as more of a parody than straight-up horror game thanks to the company's trademark sense of humor, but I would really like to see what happens when they handle some darker, more macabre themes.

- FPS: there's a glut of generic shooters out there, we need more that show some uniqueness, cleverness, and creativity. Double Fine could fill that gap nicely.

- Sandbox game: we've seen they can create a vast and beautiful world from Brutal Legend, I would like to see one with more characters you can interact with, a greater variety of missions, and nonlinear progression status.

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