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View Master: Batman the Animated Series came out late last year, and completely slid past my radar.  I'm a big fan of the DC Animated Universe, and this is fits right in it.  It has the voices from the original cast (Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as the Joker, and Tara Strong as Batgirl). It's set after the end of Justice League Unlimited, and has some neat set ups for Batman Beyond, for the eagle eyed (much like how Justice League featured the US government supplying the Justice League prototype Zeta robots to train with, prior to the formation of Cadmus).

Best of all, it works with any Google Cardboard compatible VR headset. You don't need to worry about getting the View Master viewer and can build your own or buy one that fits your needs.

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Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5

In the streets of Gotham City, chaos reigns. Citizens riot in attempt to draw out the Batman in order to appease the demagogue Quar and his legion of fanatic Kandorians. People throw Molotov cocktails and hold signs reading KILL THE BAT. Up above the city, Quar watches. Among his legion is Lara, daughter of Superman.

In the sewers of Gotham City, members of the Sons of Batman are transporting The Flash, to the Batcave having had both his legs broken by a Kandorian while he was speeding through the streets. Bruce stands and awaits their arrival.

They're tearing Gotham to pieces. Burning everything they -- we -- built in an effort to smoke me out, all to appease an alien lunatic who hangs over them in the air like sulfur. Normally, I'd put an end to this riot with a few well-placed Batarangs. I learned early there's nothing that cures a mob's bloodlust quicker than it's own blood. But now is not the time for a cure. Now we feed the disease.

The Sons of Batman arrive in the cave along with Flash, both of his legs going in directions they shouldn't.


"Jesus, it's like you were hit by a freight train."

"A locomotive, you mean." 

"Barry, it's bad."

"Can you save them?"

Silence from Bruce. I'm trying.

Elsewhere, in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean guided by the light of hundreds of anglerfish, Carrie Kelly dons an Atlantean diving suit as she accompanies Aquaman atop a massive hammerhead shark. Beside them are scores of Atlantean soldiers riding the backs of orcas, giant squid, and large manta rays.

I spent the first thirteen years of my life in a two bedroom apartment. That was the scope of my world. Since then I've seen things, crazy things, bombs falling from the sky, gods flying through it, beings from other worlds... but this right now? This is blowing my mind.

In her head she suddenly hears Arthur talking to her.

That might be the pressure.

Huh? What the #@*^?

Telepathy. An efficient form of communication--

--twenty thousand leagues under the sea?

Or twenty meters.

Like I said, I mean thought, my mind is...

She spots a figure encased in black and ice. She points to it.

There. That's him.

In the sky above Gotham City, the Kandorians continue to watch the citizens destroy their own city. Lara flies over beside Quar and Baal.

"Quar Father, why is it you command the humans do a task we could accomplish with ease?"

"You misunderstand Lara," Quar says, "I gave them a choice, not a command. We seek to inspire, not to dictate."

Baal: "To bring out their best."

Lara says, "Well, Baal, you succeeded. It's destruction that humans are best at. You sent them on a hunt. A true hunter is stealthy and quiet, a true hunter strikes her prey unaware."

"That can't be a lesson learned from your father."

"No, from my mother, in the jungle. With the Amazons, and my baby brother."

Quar turns his head.

"Your what?"

On the island of Themyscira, an Amazon watches over baby Jonathan as Diana returns from a hunt with a deer hauled onto her shoulders. The Amazon holding Jonathan notices the troubled look she carries.

"Something troubles you, my queen?"

Diana throws the deer to her feet.

"Isolationism," she says.

Back in Gotham City, an officer hands Commissioner Ellen Yindel a cup of coffee. All she can say as she has a drink besides the Bat-Signal is, "Batman, this plan of yours... it better work."

Back in the Antarctic Ocean, squids hold the Black Matter-encased Superman up in the air as Arthur guides Carries over to him. She removes from a small capsule a glowing "needle."

"A needle?"

"It's more of a tuning fork, but needle works. From this side, anyway. It'll penetrate the black matter, disrupt its molecules. It's really all we can do."

"If you're Bruce's, disrupting is what you're best at."

"But the 'tuning' will only happen if he wants to get the fork out of there," she climbs the tentacles right up the black matter. "It's hard to describe, because what we know as mass and space doesn't apply. I think inside? Inside it could be huge and vast."

She sticks the matter with the needle then ducks back over to Arthur.

"He's encased in a black universe. All I did was poke the needle in a haystack. Who knows if he can even--"

The black matter suddenly begins to crack from within and then shatters completely in a powerful burst, everyone standing amazed as Superman thrusts himself from the black matter.

Carrie smiles. "See?"

Clark is amazed to look down and see Aquaman. "Arthur? You're alive? How long was I... it seemed centuries had passed."

An Atlantean soldier: "It was a couple days."

Clark: "It was all the time I needed to search for my soul."

He smiles.

"Do you want to save the world?"

Back in Gotham, Quar is getting rather emotional at the sight of citizens destroying themselves. "Just look at them. They're incredible, extraordinary. They willfully destroy themselves to keep from being destroyed." He wipes a tear from his eye. "They will be worthy worshippers, won't they?"

All the Kandorians suddenly turn and fly off in the other direction, and Quar follows. Out in the distance, bursting through fire and foundation, is Batman powering ahead in the Batmobile. He wears the suit of armor from book 4 of The Dark Knight Returns. It's a beckoning to a challenge. A declaration of war. And he's smiling.

It's like watching an animal chew its leg off to get free of a trap. I mean, if successful, it then stumbles and dies. So what drives it to do such a thing? Fear. The strongest, purest primal motivation there is. My lieutenant, my nanny, my invisible friend. Fear is why I get out of bed, what I dream about. Fear is why I don't kill. There is so much that I'm afraid of, that we all are, while you? Just look at you, all... fearless. You don't stand a chance.

Clark flies through the sewers of Gotham with Carrie on his back. 

"He really think this can work?"

"He has some doubts. I don't."

"I do."

"You should have left those under the sea, big blue."

The two enter the cave to find, to Clark's surprise, Barry suspended in the air from metal casts and using what superspeed he can to type away at six touch screens connected to the Batcomputer. A VR system is strapped to his face which keeps him from seeing the two flying in.

"Barry?! Oh my--"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, God. I know you were raised as a human but every time you say that I want to hand you a mirror. I don't have time to talk right now, manipulating weather patterns and seriously zillions of variables is..."

Barry keeps typing away. He can't help but smile.

"Welcome back, Clark. Wait till you see what's in store for you."

Out in the streets, random people pound against and climb the Batmobile to get at Batman, who stands atop his vehicle to look over the people and the wreckage.

Good work, Barry. I promise they'll pay for what they did to you. To all of us, exposing our most base nature. We'll make them pay. All of us.


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Quar and his army fly over the Batmobile. One of his daughters says that the time has come and the citizens of Gotham have still not delivered the Batman. She asks for his command.

Suddenly, from atop GCPD, Yindel hits the switch and sends the light of the Bat Signal right into the sky. It illuminates Quar and his army in the light of the Bat. He commands Gotham be destroyed and everyone in it. 

Lightning strikes as the Kryptonians begin to fly straight down. Rain begins to fall. Green rain.


Quar takes a moment to notice the green rain. The Kandorians are no longer flying down. They're helplessly plummeting. Batman smiles and watches as Quar and his army crash to the ground and into the rooftops.

Seeding clouds is an expensive undertaking. Keeping drones in orbit over Gotham, and undetected, takes money. I have money. Regardless, seeding clouds with synthetic kryptonite takes an enormous leap of faith. I have synthetic kryptonite. Because the kryptonite is so diluted, it's only weakening the Kandorians. I would have liked it to do more damage, but at least it gives us a fighting chance. 

He looks to the angry mob of citizens before him.

All of us. I've never wielded an angry mob as a weapon before. Feels good.

Batman goes right up to the Kandorian who broke Barry's leg and kicks him in the jaw. The Kandorian then stands up and the two proceed to fight. Bruce is admittedly in no shape to fight but he isn't one to let others fight his battles for him. The Kandorian then delivers a blow as powerful as a sledgehammer and as Bruce falls back he's caught by an armored hand.

It's Superman. He dons armor like Batman's, complete with the symbol of the House of El. He has come to help finish this.

"Don't worry," he says. "I got you."

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Dark Knight Universe Presents: Lara

Somewhere away from Gotham City, Baal flies through the air with a car on his back, scaring the life out of the driver and his family, as well as a few idle farmers.

Lara follows and watches.

"Careful, Baal. Humans are fragile."

Baal lifts them even higher into the air. The family screams for their lives.

Baal laughs, "Up, up and away!"

"You're so silly, Baal."

"Silly? I'll show you silly!"

Baal then throws the car like a football. The family inside screams in terror before they're caught and brought back to the ground by Lara. Baal is rather annoyed by Lara's condescending behavior.

"Hey! Why'd you do that, Lara? I thought we were having fun."

"We don't have to kill humans to have fun, Baal."

"What if I do? Maybe you're no fun!"

Lara gets fed with Baal and flies away.

"Lara, wait!" 

He finally catches up to her at the Eiffel Tower.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. You're lots of fun, seriously."

They keep flying, all the way to the Pantheon in Greece.

"I have more fun with you than I've very had with anybody!"


"Well... anybody today."

She flies all around the world, just trying to get away from him.

"I'm kidding! Lara!"

"Leave me alone, Baal."

"You don't mean that."

"Yes I do."


He stops her right around Mount Vesuvius.

"...you don't. Admit it, you used to feel alone but you don't feel that way anymore!"

"That's true. I'm among Kryptonians now."

"You know that's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"



He then grabs hold of her and passionately kisses her. The clouds turn a mix of dim blue and dark orange from the light of the volcano against the evening sky. He lets go.

"I liked that," he says. "Did you?"

Baal then takes a kick right to the face and she throws him straight down, plummeting and crashing into the side of the volcano. She picks him up and punches him right in the face, a splatter of blood flying from his lips. She seizes him by the collar.

"Did I like it? I'm an Amazon."

She kisses him, pushing his head against hers. In the sky, lightning strikes.

She pulls away and flies off, leaving him behind on the volcano.

She wipes the blood from her lips.

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Does this mean we're gonna get all the guys in this movie back in The Lego Movie Sequel

So I'll write up the next four recaps tomorrow then I'm disappearing for a bit

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Oh, I'm not done yet. There's still the two that have been released and the two that have not.

I don't know why it's taking so damn long with these guys, the comic is only seven issues in and it was released in November 2015

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Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6

Under a sheet of endless kryptonite rain and clinging to a building's stone gargoyle, Quar looks down on the streets of Gotham, watching as an armored Batman and Superman face down against the Kandorian bruiser.

"I don't know what kind of trickery you've used to ground us, but neither does it matter. You've just prolonged the inevitable. Old men, your time has passed. You cannot stop the rise of Quar."

Down on the street, the two armored heroes stand.

Kandorian: "All he asks is your love. If you refuse, you will die. You will weep and pull out your eyes to hide from your master's gaze!"

Batman: "You want to shut him up or should I?"

Elsewhere, a pack of downed Kandorians find themselves surrounded by Gotham citizens. They flip over a car as an act of intimidation.

Kandorian woman: "On your knees, or you will suffer your lord's hate rather than his lo--"

A man throws a rock at her. It skids off her cheek and draws blood. The crowd suddenly realizes that if she can bleed, they all can. The Kandorians turn to run away but are greeted by Commissioner Yindel and an entire squad of riot police.

Officer: "Commissioner, should we, um, arrest them?"

Yindel: "No, officer... bring them to justice."

The squad and the mob descend on the Kandorians, who are left helpless and outnumbered.

Batman and Superman continue fighting the bruiser, who hammers away at Superman's chest to no avail. Batman seizes him by the head and slams him against the House of El symbol, drawing blood before throwing him face first to the ground.

It's true, nothing like a common enemy to inspire a little civic pride, and if anybody should know that... it's me. 

Carrie, back in her Batgirl costume, runs over to see the fight finish.

Carrie: "Balls nasty!"

Batman (to Superman): "Welcome back."

Superman: "Thanks. Seems like it was just in the nick of time, too."

Batman: "I could have handled it."

Carrie: "Can you let him have his moment?"

Batman: "No -- or not yet. You see..."

He throws Carrie the keys to the Batmobile.

"...I don't know how much time we have."

In furious anger, Quar attempts to fly back up into the sky, and begins to succeed.


He is then struck by lightning. He goes down. Hits the roof he tried to ascend from with a destructive crash. He staggers as he starts to rise from the debris.

"I will not fall... to an inferior species whose tails are recent memories! I am QUAR! I am KRYPTON! I AM YOUR BETTER!"

In the middle of his screams he unknowingly enters the sights of a sniper rifle atop the building just facing him. The sniper is one of the Sons of Batman.

A voice on the radio says, "Ready, B-Boy Seven?"

The sniper: "In position, B-Boy Twelve. Slice and dice."

The sniper fires. Rather than projecting a round, it fires an electric current which omits a high frequency wave. It sends Quar into agony over the deafening electric screech. From the opposite windows emerge all of the Sons of Batman, heavily armed and aiming right for him.

"Fire at will," one of them says.

The Sons of Batman unleash a barrage of gunfire on Quar. The bullets don't penetrate but he feels every shot and they blow him straight off the rooftop. He crashes against the exterior wall of a building opposite of him and plunges down to the alley between them, landing bloodied and bruised in an alley full of garbage.

A Bat drone flies over, taping the image of a broken Quar.

Batman smiles.

I'll admit it, there's a thrill, watching the Kryptonians cower and run and piss down their legs. It's a basic instinct I'm not proud of, but it IS thrilling. And I want to share that feeling with the world.

All over the world, people are seeing this filmed image of Quar lying in a gutter trash heap.

Anderson Cooper: "Everyone on Earth needs to see this..."

Gotham News: "Dramatic images somehow being broadcast from within Gotham City..."

Barack Obama: "Levels of sacrifice..."

Glenn Beck: "We might bend, but..."

Hillary Clinton: "--united...“

Donald Trump: "He's just going to make it harder on the rest of us."

Baal and Lara arrive back in Gotham to bear witness to the savage beatdown the Kandorians are receiving.

"Seems the ants are fighting back," Lara says, her eyes glowing red.

Carrie is behind the controls of the Batmobile, members of the Sons of Batman gliding overhead as security.

We will make the world notice, show them what we're capable of, give them something to cheer about. This is OUR city, aliens. And we are taking it back by any means--

Carrie sees through the visor a young Hispanic knocking a running Kandorian in the head with a baseball bat and give a thumbs up to the Batmobile.

No. We can't become this. We can't.

The man fails to notice Baal suddenly appear behind him, and fails to react before Baal slams his palms together flat, crushing the man's head with a huge bloody splatter. He then uses his heat vision to immolate the Sons of Batman gliding above, then turns his sights to the Batmobile.

We have to lead, Carrie thinks. By example. By any means necessary.

Carrie puts pedal to metal and drives straight towards Baal with everything she has. He doesn't even waver as the Batmobile crashes into him and piles up into itself.

Baal peeks through the wreckage at Carrie. He smiles and rips the car apart as she bails.

"My, my, how totally human. Bringing a car to a god fight."

Baal catches Carrie by the cape and lifts her up above the city.

"Dumb animal, too arrogant to see the truth."

He throws her in the sky and she goes flying, managing to catch herself and balance on a fire escape. She jumps down to the street and Baal throws a dumpster to block her escape route.

"In a way, I guess, it's what makes you human. I might even admire you for that, if I had the capacity, as my father does. But I don't, at the moment. And to be honest, I've been looking forward to this one... your last... human."

Baal begins to descend on Carrie. She removes from her utility belt a slingshot and a sliver of Kryptonite. In desperation she aims and fires. Baal laughs as the pebble flies and Carrie watches as it enters Baal's eye. Baal' head shoots back and he screams in agony as the right side of his head begins to smoke and deform like it's melting off his shoulders. He covers his face and flies off in terrible pain, joining the army of Kandorians who fly off in defeat.

Clark and Bruce stand beside each other and watch them all run.

"The storm," Bruce says. "Its effect is wearing off."

Clark points to Baal, "That one was never affected."

"Really?" Bruce then smiles. "Good soldier. We've put a real scare in those damn aliens."

"We don't scare easy."

"I didn't mean--"

"I know what you mean, Bruce.... I always have."

Clark and Bruce turn to see two Kandorians collecting Quar from the gutter. Superman prepares to take off.

"I'll finish--"

"No. Let them go. Let them lick their wounds."

He turns his back.

"Let them know how fear tastes."

Quar weakly turns his head but manages to smile as he fires a heat beam out his eye. 

It hits Bruce straight in the back and out through his chest.

He looks down to see a burning hole.

"Oh... oh no."

He falls.

Horrified, Clark catches him as he falls. He can feel his pulse growing weaker and weaker.


"...no hospital... promise me..."

"...no hospital."

"...Carrie... tell her..."

Clark clutches Bruce as he flatlines.

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Dark Knight Universe Presents: World's Finest

In the aftermath of the mob battle between the citizens of Gotham and the Kandorians, the early morning sun peeks over the rooftops. Carrie sits on the rooftop of GCPD before the Bat Signal, accompanied by several members of the Sons of Batman. They all watch as the sun rises.

"You know, when I was younger I'd dream of getting out. Leaving this all behind, never looking back. And never coming back. Just getting lucky and escaping this hellhole."

One of them asks, "Gotham City?"

"It scared me," she says. "Balls nasty. It was a place where only the strong could survive."

"Was a place that would chew up the weak and spit them back in their own faces."

She smiles.

"Heh. Damn right it is."

A voice from behind: "So then..."

They all turn to see Lara floating above them, red in the eyes.

"...which of these boys then do you suggest I make a meal of for your mascara?"

She settles right in front of the Bat Signal.

"Or will you all stand down? I would prefer that. I'm not interested in killing boys." 

Two Sons draw guns. 

To Carrie: "We got you, run!"

"Are you out of your--"

The bullets ricochet off of her chest, shots pinging off of the S like flies hitting a bug zapper.

Well, that answers that question.

Carrie takes off, using her grapnel gun to swing away. Lara ignores the shots and chases after her.

"You are his chosen one, yes? Why is that?"

"Right place, right time?"

"You think this is that? I assure you, it's not."

She gets up close to Carrie and looks over her.

"You have made some bad decisions. Some I take personally."

Carrie drops.

"You can run..."

Lara flies down and catches her.

"...but I can fly."

Carrie punches Lara in the jaw but feels the bone in her wrist fracture. She hides it behind her back.

I felt that in my ears. Dammit, that was dumb... fix it.

"Nice to know I hurt you."

"What? But you are the one--"

"Who's not taking this personally. To me you're just another... what are you anyway?" She thinks and then smiles. "Freak."

Lara throws down Carrie, who lands on a rooftop. From Lara's eye come the heat blasts, which Carrie ducks under and dodges as she is pursued. She takes this opportunity to taunt her.

"You're not human... or Amazon... or, try as you might, even Kryptonian..."

"What I am, chosen one..."

She stops Carrie dead in her tracks.

"Is the death of you."

A golden lasso then swings over Lara's head and tightens around her chest and stomach. Lara looks back to see Wonder Woman.

"What you are... is my daughter."

"Mother... why do you always hold me back? Is this how you raise your flesh, by binding it?"

"If need be, it will BE bound."

"Seems your needs are unfulfilled."

"Really? What I need, Lara, is to punish you!"

Lara pulls the rope from Diana's grip and breaks the Lasso of Truth.

Diana says, "I have failed you, my child."

"Well, that might be why I left. And why I WON'T FAIL ANY MORE!!!"

She lunges at Diana. Carrie stands back and watches as Diana blocks Lara blow for blow, deflecting punches with her Bracelets of Submission. She swings her arm around and punches Lara in the jaw. Lara gets back far enough to use her heat vision, which Diana flies around dodging. 

Carrie cannot believe what she is witnessing.

I've never experienced an earthquake. But no way it could measure up to this. It wasn't just the earth, it was the air, the ozone, the wet parts, everything. Quaking.

Lara rams her shoulder into Diana's abdomen. Diana holds down Lara by the head and then punches straight down into her face. When Lara retracts, Diana delivers a fisted backhand. She waits for another move, fist ready. Lara suddenly loses all her energy and falls groggily to the ground.

When Lara once again looks up, she sees Diana offering her hand to help her up.

Lara, shocked, gets up. Carrie ducks behind cover.

"I don't understand..."

"Lara... I am your mother. And that bond cannot be shattered..."

Carrie steps out from cover.

Lara looks to the both of them, the pivots and flies off weeping.

Diana and Carrie stand by each other and watch as she flies away.

With a look of great sadness, Diana says: "...no matter how hard we strike each other."


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Well, actually he only appears in the spin off comic that comes with the issues, and only in the one. At least, thus far.

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So I read somewhere that Warner Brothers is trying to drop David Ayer from directing the sequel to Suicide Squad and is now courting Mel Gibson, and on top of that you have all those rumors of Affleck wanting out of the Batman role.

What the Hell is going on

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Well it's only rumors. Some guy claimed to have sources close to WB that say Affleck wants out after Matt Reeves does The Batman.

And Mel Gibson confirmed that the guys running the DCEU have talked to him about doing Suicide Squad, but I would prefer if he kept out of franchises and kept making his own stuff. It's like asking David Fincher to do that World War Z sequel.

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Well Matt Reeves is no longer doing The Batman either.

Is it wrong that I like Batman Forever

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Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7

Superman shoots off into the sky cradling the bleeding armored body of Bruce Wayne. He wears a look of both complete focus and great desperation.

Faster than a speeding bullet... is too slow. More powerful than a locomotive... isn't strong enough. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... come on. Look up in the sky. I do. And pray to the Lord I grew up believing in. Because I'm not a bird or a plane. I'm only Superman.

Bruce remains unresponsive. 

Back in Gotham City, the world is getting a good long look at the aftermath of the fight between the Kandorians and the citizens of Gotham. Buildings all over display their battle wounds and cough out smoke and fire for miles. 

A series of texts between a couple of friends:

that was the s**t


srsly. ktown think 2ice 4 f'n w gotham again 



you fight? you best ktown domes?

you crazy? lol i don't mess with mfn aliens!!!

Various panels detailing news coverage as well as social media tracking.

A news report shows GCFD putting out one of many domestic fires. A reporter comments, "-- that has the Fire Marshall saying 'Welcome to Hell.'"

A young black man takes an uneasy selfie beside a pile of corpses. "Dead people, check it."

A reporter on scene stands before a fraction of the mob.

Reporter: "It's like a party, Anderson--"

Random citizen: "BABABOOEY!"

"The atmosphere is crazy!"

Donald Trump on Twitter: "We won just like I said we would, and now we'll make the Kryptonians pay to rebuild Gotham City. You're gonna love it."

Men in hazmat suits clear out piles of corpses. A report asks, "Corporate Hazmat Harvesters Real Intentions?"

Finally, a news panel off a man and two women. One says, "--reports that the vigilante Batman did not survive. He started all this, right?"

Elsewhere, Carrie Kelly stands idle on the streets as she watches the attempted clean up by both citizens and officers of the GCPD. She talks into her ear-com:

"Batman is dead? Oh sure, how many times have we heard that before, boss? So sunrise, we can assess the damage. It looks bad. Billy ass bad. But looks, they deceive. That's why we wear masks, right, boss?"

She suddenly realizes that she has been talking to dead silence.


She turns to see a mournful Ellen Yindel approaching her along with armed officer. She shows Carrie something that causes tears to well up in her eyes: the empty helmet of the Batman.

Carrie falls to her knees hugging the helmet.

Clark still carries Bruce. He flies straight across the ocean and into Africa, flying over the Egyptian deserts. 

I feel a chill. He's getting colder. Probably just the wind... yes it has to be. I mean, it's just a few minutes since... it's just the wind.

Down below, a man walking through the desert witnesses the blue and red figure of Superman flying overhead and passing him. He wears a desert cloak and headcloth to shield him from the sun. He has only a canteen, and rags wrapped around the bloody stump where his hand used to be.

Hal Jordan, thirsty from the desert heat, takes a swig from his canteen.

Is that a mirage? A trick of the light? So much light... I... taunting me. The light and I, we used to be one. But I let it blind me. I thought I was a god once. I could do anything I could imagine...

He keeps walking across the sand, into the haze of the desert.

Anything. It's funny what I miss the most... is flying.

In a subatomic universe, perched upon an atom twenty times bigger than him, sits Ray Palmer. He cradles to broken remains of his device he used to bring out the Kandorians.

This is my doing. My creation. My solution. After all... it's just science.

Lara chases Baal through the sky, the deformed Kandorian still covering his mutilated face. 



"What is it, Baal? What happened?"

He turns and shows her. He resembles nothing of his former self, now he looks like Clayface mid-transformation.

"THIS, Lara! THIS is what they did to me!"

She does not respond for a moment. The two rise into the overhead clouds.

"Then why do you run," she says. "Shouldn't you--"

The two suddenly find themselves among the rest of the Kandorian army, as if they are able to stand atop the clouds and listen to their leader Quar before them.

"Make them pay," he says.

Baal drops down to his father's side. 

"Quar Father, look what they did..."

"You will have your revenge, my son. My son... his son." He smiles. "I will have Karl-El's son."

"You may try," Lara says.

"Is that a dare, Lara? I understand. One is naturally protective of one's own flesh and blood. I'll let it pass this time."

"Quar Father, Jonathan is protected by warriors who will not let you pass. The Amazons are the fiercest--"

Quar pivots and backhands her. She doesn't even react. She barely feels anything.

"WHAT ARE YOU," he screams at her. "ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?"

The two stare dead on into each other's eyes, then he cradles her cheek.

"Or one of us," he asks.

Lara remains silent.

Quar turns to Baal. "As I was saying, my son, we will take Karl-El's son just as we did his daughter. I may even give him to you. As a plaything."

Lara still remains silent.

Carrie sits atop GCPD. Behind her the Bat Signal has been smashed to bits. Beside her sits Batman's helmet. GCPD officers wheel the corpses of Sons of Batman soldiers into a helicopter.

Yindel approaches.

"Is it worth it?"

"Excuse me, commissioner?"

"This. All of it. The destruction. The loss of lives. Mostly innocent. Is all the pain and suffering worth following his principles?"

"We stood up against tyrants."

"I'm not arguing that. I stood with you. I made the choice. I'm asking you, is it worth it?"

"You tell me."

"You won't like my answer."

"We fought for what we believe in."

"So what? That's a line that's been used more times than I can count by those who fell on the wrong side of history."

"We're on the right side."

"Yeah... so what to that, too. You heroes, you don't just inspire. You expose. I want you to let all that sink in."

"This isn't the time."

"Then what time is it?"

Carrie picks up the helmet. 

"To bury our dead. I'll see to it you get a new signal."


"So we can stay in touch."

She dives off the side of the building.

Deep in the desert, Clark finally arrives at his destination: a cave of stone pillars full of carvings of pagan deities, and a bubbling green pool with an ethereal glow. The Lazarus Pit.

He strips Bruce naked and then drops him in.

He waits. The bubbles and steam rise and Clark gazes over at the carved pillars to the likeness of a man being crushed and swallowed by a giant serpent.

A hand then shoots out of the pool. Like all who leave the Lazarus Pit, with it comes momentary insanity. Bruce, the gray gone from his hair and age melted away, lunges at Clark, mad in the eyes as he tries to gouge out Clark's. Clark flips him over onto the ground and holds him.

"Easy, Bruce... easy... I got you."

On the island of Themyscira, baby Jonathan Kent lies in a palace crib doused in moonlight. Descending from the sky, Lara flies in and gently picks the baby from his crib.

"Hello, little brother... did you miss me?"

She feels a sword at her back. She does not move.

"Put him down, or I'll..."

"I'm sure you would, mother."

Wonder Woman angrily points the blade, ready to strike.

"Don't test me, girl."

"I'm not here to test you or be tested by you. No... I am here for Jonathan... and I am not alone."

Out beyond the palace walls, the Kandorian army drifts through the jungle, a sweeping ocean of red eyes and furious anger.

Diana smiles at her daughter.

"Neither, Lara, am I."

Down below the palace in the rest of the royal grounds, hundreds of Amazon warriors stand. 




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Dark Knight Universe Presents: Strange Adventures

Down below the desert sun, Hal Jordan silently continues his trek through the sands towards civilization. He does not notice the two winged figures flying up above him, watching as he continues on, watching with a sense of wonder and curiosity. They're not angels, but the orphaned son and daughter of Katar and Shayera Hol. The last surviving Thanagarians on Earth, known as Hawkboy and Hawkgirl (or if you want to get technical, Hawkgirl II).

Hawkboy looks down on Hal: "See the hero, now just a man. Lost. He looks so small. So vulnerable. So mad." 

"Should we help him?"

"No, sister. That is not our place. This time, fate has chosen for us."

"Then fate is cruel. The man needs help."

"Fate is not cruel. Fate is nature. We are nature. So we watch the man. If he's to become the hero again, it must be by his own doing. By his own hand."

They fly overhead, going on unnoticed as Hal finally reaches the edge of some desert city. He wanders the streets resembling a common nomad, passing by a group of beggars in the street. One asks for water. Hal hands him his canteen, and as the beggar thanks him, he sees the thick green of his eyes.

The beggar takes Hal by the wrist and tells him to follow. They come to a blind man, hunched against a wall who begins to feel the features of Hal's face.

Fingers smell of dust and despair. But his air is wise. He possesses wisdom... while I've been searching God knows how long for a peace taken from me.

The blind man runs his hand across Hal's bloodstained stump. He gasps.

The blind says to him, "I know where to find what you're looking for..."

The blind man and the beggar lead Hal to a shady merchant's tent. Behind the merchant stand two guards with swords on their backs.

"Why have they brought you to me, foreigner?"

"I'm told you have something that belongs to me."

"If I have it, it belongs to me, no?"

"I want what's mine."

"What's mine is available... for a price."

Hal holds up his stump. The merchant chuckles as he realizes that Hal wants what the merchant keeps inside a thick yellow box. Hal realizes it's no wonder he wasn't able to track it down.

Through a sinister grin: "This treasure is not for sale."

Just as well. I don't have any money.

Hal kicks the table, throwing the box up in the air and knocking the merchant to the ground. Hal catches the box and bolts out the exit, the two swordsmen in hot pursuit.

With all the time on my... hand... I didn't really give this scenario much thought. Figured I could wing it. That was something I was good at back in the day, when I knew how to fly.

The merchant runs out alongside his guards and pulls a Colt .45 handgun. He fires three shots, clipping Hal along the leg and causing him to drop the box. The box opens and out spills Hal's hand, and the ring still on it.

Then the hand suddenly springs to life. Hal watches as it scuttles away by the fingertips.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

The merchant sticks the gun right in his face. 

"Do you have a God, foreigner?"

A god? I believed I was one.

"If so, know He has forsaken you."

A shadow appears up above. Fear crawls over the merchant's face.

Such hubris... such an affront... to angels.

Hawkboy and Hawkgirl swoop out of the air and pick the merchant up by the legs as terrified people watch the Thanagarians appear out of nowhere. The merchant shoots up into Hawkboy's wings but only hits feathers. They drop him. The merchant is about to shoot again when suddenly they look back and see Hal, once again the Green Lantern, hovering behind them.

The hand still moves on its own, with a little assistance from an imp straight out of the fifth dimension, wearing a childish grin and a cheap Batman costume. 

The hand punches the merchant in the face and Hal flies away, the hand following him.

I realize now, I'm no god. I'm a man who was chosen by the universe to protect it. I lost my way. I became bigger than the universe, and, as such, strayed from my course. I'm sorry I let it down. Please believe me...

He smiles.

I'm back.

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Popping back in for a brief moment.

You're welcome, my limey friend. There's two issues yet to be released, and I'm hoping for a fight between an armored Carrie and Lara like in the end of The Dark Knight Returns

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IGN France released a teaser image and a date, March 18th, that has people thinking WB is about to announce another Arkham game

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On 3/1/2017 at 10:07 PM, Noname215 said:

IGN France released a teaser image and a date, March 18th, that has people thinking WB is about to announce another Arkham game

Assuming you guys saw the leak, The Court of Owls and Owlman are supposedly the main villains of the game.

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I thought it ended up being bullcrap since Middle Earth: Shadow of War got leaked by Target, so WB dropped the trailer and release date.

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