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Funny Thing from an old interview with Tim

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Let me preface this message by saying how much of a fan of the games Tim has worked on throughout the years.

This story starts in a dusty cardboard box, I was going through old boxes and found a box of PC GAMER magazine, one particular issue, vol. 6 No. 9, dated September 1999 appeared in front of me. On the cover, the following title appeared "Game Gods - the world's 25 greatest gamemakers - together for the first time", While Tim wasn't on the cover, his ever so smug face can be seen on page 77, sandwiched between Mike O'brien (of battle.net) and a stern, fatherly looking Hal Barwood ( Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis).

The then 31 year-old Schafer talks briefly about a LucasArts' project he's currently working on, with none other than Burt Bacharach, being a huge fan of both these guys, I can't help but wonder what kind of project they were collaborating on.

If anyone has any idea what this project was or if by chance the big man himself cares to shine a light on this mystery it would be greatly appreciated.

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