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-Try to do better in school

-Get accepted to a good college

Hmm, to be honest Iโ€™m pretty much fine with where I am right now, so I donโ€™t have much other than that.

I guess I did the second one, not so much the first one. So that's not so bad.

For next year I want to get rid of a lot of my material possessions, because I have a hoarding problem.

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Well, I'm not one to make resolutions, but after the last few ones have been disasters, I need to stop embarresing myself at parties.

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- Pass at least one of my driving tests

- Get better clothes in preparation for college

- Get good enough in TF2 to hopefully make it into MLG

- Get out more

- Draw more

Year in review:

Not too bad. Couldn't get into college at the time (intake was full, so I got pushed back), but made the most of it by getting a job and chillaxing at a solid 50:50 ratio. Then shit happened, so I quit my job. I might take it back when I'm in college

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-Everyone's favorite resolution: eat healthier and exercise

-Read more books

-Start writing stories (mostly original short stories and fanfics)

-Stop being so shy and make new friends

-Draw more

-Be more positive

-Stop giving up on everything

2011 had some exciting, awesome moments. I'm hoping 2012 would be full of exciting moments! Also snow! We haven't had snow in Illinois for a while.

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-stop smoking/drinking

-get my weight down to 125

-come out to my parents as atheistic

-figure out my sexuality

-find someone i can actually see myself dating seriously

-break up with my current boyfriend


WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT i've accomplished all of the above and the week isn't even out yet

spoiler alert i don't smoke/drink, the last time i was 125 lbs or heavier was in august, my parents have been my main confidants in my journey of religious self-discovery, i've been content with identifying as ace/demi-sexual for months now, i actually found the guy on new years eve whoops TOO BAD HE'S ENGAGED HA HA HA damn he's kind of the only person i've ever been sexually attracted to, i broke up with my bf only an hour after i got home because i realized i couldn't be happy with him anymore now that i had realized i really only liked him as a friend, and DO YOU REALLY THINK I WAITED FIVE MINUTES AFTER NEW YEARS TO DRAW LESBIANS.

2011 in review:

I started reading neil gaiman's books and became obsessed with good omens for about a month whoops that was embarrassing

I realized i was being totally stupid and dropped the remains of my obsession in repulsion post-haste

I filled the last of my sketchbooks and, forgetting to buy another for months, became a completely digital artist without realizing it. i effectively lost the ability to work traditionally. :(

I performed at WORLDCON!!!! OMG

I started going to digipen and made a bunch of new friends, in addition to becoming closer to some i already had

I got into ponies, homestuck and tumblr and they consumed my life WHOOPS HAHA

My CVS became so severe that i was forced to drop out of digipen and pretty much lost contact with my best friend of the time, not to mention my boyfriend oopsie doodles

I started asking for money to do concerts HOLY MOLY

I nearly doubled the amount of friends i have in the space of about three days after getting up the courage to approach the homestuck group at pax

whoops that was supposed to be a one- or two-sentence summary wasn't it oh well

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