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I know what asexuality is. it was a joke, I guess. (?)

please let's not go down the gender/sexuality/LGBTQIA argument shitstorm rabit hole again. there is more than enough of that on this forum. take it here if you gotta: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5548/

Sex is your physical traits, including genetics and, ehm, equipment, while gender is a social and personality thing. Sexul identity is who you want to have sex with such as strait, gay, bi, furry, Dom/sub, and whatever else floats your boat.

That long ass two part article on transexuals defined the following terms as such.

Gender/Sex: Your Physical and Genetic Makeup as it pertains to your reproductive capabilities.

Sexual Expression: More or less a roleplaying element which may or may not define your sexuality in other ways (example: A Cross Dresser). and is secondary to your Gender and Sexual Identity.

Sexual Identity: How you picture yourself mentally, the sex you feel that you are inside whether or not that Identity lines up with your physical gender.

Orientation: The gender you are attracted too.

as far as I'm aware sex is penis/vagina, gender is male/female/trans*/et cetera

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