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Double Fine thanked?

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I began re-watching some old Consolevania shows today, which is somewhat of a cult hit online game show (they have a TV show on BBC Scotland aswell, called Videogaiden.) It is a show fronted by two Glasweigans; so I was under the impression it would never be understood outside of Scotland. But having just finished watching Episode 3 of series 2-- I noticed that Double Fine were thanked in the credits. Which caught me out somewhat; so far as I am aware there is only one DF and I am at a loss as to why this may have been. They did praise Psychonauts (as many have) in an earlier episode, so it may just be a general thanks for a great game (but that would be a first.) So I was just curious as to why this was? If anyone knows.


''Consolevania 2.3 was:

Robert Florence, Ryan Macleod, Kenny Swanston, Joanna Daly, Cameron Thomson, Fraser Thomson.

Thanks to:

Everyone at the Consolevania forum, Rllmukforum.com, NTSC-UK, Damien Murray and G-Force Glasgow, BBC Scotland, Double Fine and all those who have supported us over the last two years.

Featured music:

Todd Rundgren: Can we still be friends?

Stephen Jones: Sunburst

Prefab Sprout: Cars and Girls

Garry Glitter: I'm the leader of the gang (I am!)

Gilbert O'Sullivan: Matrimony

Babybird: All men are evil''

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