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Note: I've stopped updating this on April 6th, 2012. (Why?)

This five-post overview includes links to all posts:

- in the entire Private Kickstarter Backers-Only Area section, and

- on the public Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure board.

=== Games General: Adventures ===

Day of the Tentacle (replaying) by DF

Dear Esther by DF

Your Favorite Adventure (past 10 years) poll by DF

Best Adventure (last 10 years) (public) by DF

Your Dream Adventure

Quest for Glory


Underrated Adventures

Overrated Adventures

Idea: Space Stallions

Colossal Cave

Your Favorite Adventure


The Devs Should Play

Adventure in Adventures

Good Lesser-Known Adventures

Your First Adventure (public)

Your Two Favorite Adventures (public)

Your Experience With Adventures (public)

Your Favorite Monkey Island poll

What Is An Adventure Game (public)

Sierra Versus LucasArts (public)

Recent Adventures You Liked (public)

Adventures On The iPad (public)

Favorite Scene From Adventure (public)

Adventure Game Characters IRL

Non-DF Games You Like(d) (public)

Adventure Games For Mac (public)

Arcade Sequences In Adventures

Dying In Adventures

Feeling Like You Live In An Adventure


Why Adventures Have Broad Themes

Playing Grim Fandango

=== Games General: Other ===

What Have You Been Playing

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I Will Play Lots Of Games

Let's Play Multiplayer Games

What Games Are You Playing

Do You Cheat poll

=== Donations: Money From/To ===

Where Money Is Going by DF

Kickstarter Stats by DF

Where Money Usually Goes

What Fees Need To Be Paid

How Much Should 2PP Get poll

What If DFA Goes Over Budget

=== Meta: Forum Related ===

(This Thread)

If You Can't See Private Forums (public) by DF

Forum Guide To Decency by 'DF'

How To Contact DF Support by DF

RSS/ATOM broken

Too Many Double Topics

Should Backers Create Topics poll

Displaying Donations in Sigs

Insignia To Find Official Threads

Suggestions Roundup

We Could Use Extra Boards

Removing Pointless Polls poll

Dev Tracker Option

Too Many Polls poll

How Will Forums Be Productive

Preventing Duplicates (public)

How To Find Important Threads (public)

Can I Change My E-mail (public)

Decency Guide Text (public)

Thread Needs Deletion (public)

Trouble Registering/Signing In (public)

Will Forums Stay Up After Release

Request Sticky, Confirmed Things (public)

Can We Get Dev Tracker (public)

=== Meta: Input From Backers ===

Do Not Listen To Fans (public)

We Don't Get To Dictate

How Much Say Should Backers Have

Kinda Ignore User-Requests (public)

DF Knows How To Distribute Resources

Avoid Direct Contact With DF (public)

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=== DFA: When/What Happened/Happens, Where Updates ===

March, About Update Mails (public) by DF

When Will What Happen (public)

What Is The Big Plan

When Will We Get News

How Can It Be Done In 7 Months

Is It Done Yet

How Can We Follow Development

Where Are The Updates

Updates (public)

Where Updates (public)

Will It Be Finished In October (public)

How Goes The Brainstorming (public)

See Some Kind Of Schedule

Not Working Link In E-mail

=== Voice Acting ===

Voice Actors You Like (public)

Other Languages (profs) (public)

Other Languages (by backers) (public)

Good Voice Actors (public)

Voice Acting For Fun

Voice Actors You Want To Hear

Can I Do Voice Acting

=== Characters / Protagonist ===

Info Cow (public) poll

Want To Decide Looks Character (public) poll

Dream Protagonist

Preferred Character Gender poll

Dim-Witted Leads

Good Female Characters

Protagonist Ideas (public)

=== Cameos ===

Feel Free To Add Cameos (public)

Will There Be Cameos (1)

Will There Be Cameos (2)

Add Crossover Characters

=== Multiple Characters / Companions ===

Multiple Protagonists (public)

Switching Characters

Multiple Perspectives


Character Selection

Multiple Playable Characters

Two Schafers

=== Villains ===

What Antagonists Do You Like

Supervillains As Protagonists

Final Boss Or Not poll

What Makes Perfect Villain

=== Sequel Ideas ===

Longest Journey 3

Maniac Mansion 3

Real Monkey Island 3 poll

Grim Fandango 2 (1) (public)

Grim Fandango 2 (2)

Buy Monkey Island License (public)

A Sequel Or Not poll

=== Platforms / Devices ===

Supported Platforms (public)

BlackBerry PlayBook

Windows Phone / OnLive

New iPad / True HD

Smartphone Versions


Cross-Platform Save Games

Preferred Device To Play On poll

Windows Phone

Minimum Requirements

=== Interface / Controls / Gameplay ===


Control Schemes (public)

Control System Ideas (public)

Game Controllers

Control System Idea (public)

Idea: Sierra Mode (public)

Verbs (public)

Inventory System

Walking Speed poll

Your Favorite Action Mechanic poll

Your Favorite Input Method

What Is A Good Interface

Controller Support (public)

=== About The Backers ===

(See also other sections, like General: Adventure Games, where backers go into what games they like/dislike.)

What Phone You Own poll

Who Are We

Introduce Yourself

Your Native Language poll

Your Location / Gender / Age poll

Your Main OS poll

Your Age poll

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=== Donation/Payment Issues ===

Regarding PayPal (public) by DF

Backing Without Credit Card (public) by DF

Got Incorrect Reward (public)

Can I Still Donate (public)

Did My Payment Work (public)

Payment Methods (public)

Preloading PayPal (public)

Why Need Credit Card (public)

Allowing PayPal poll

=== Music / Composers / Audio / Instruments ===

(See also the Voice Acting section.)

Music Composers (public)

The Soundtrack (public)

Audio Lines/Budget (public)

Live Instruments (public)

Importance Game Music

Integrating Sound/Music

Composer Recommendations

=== Speculation / Expectations ===

Screens and Playing Time (public)

How Old-School Will It Be (public)

The Game Will Be About

I Expect (public) poll

What Can I Expect

What Can We Expect (public)

=== Story / Theme / Setting ===

What Theme/Story Do You Want

What The Game Will Be About (public)

What Tropes Would You Like (public)

Straight/Clear or Subtle/Unfolding poll

Love Stories

Escape/Break Out Games poll

Preventing Repetitiveness

Original Settings (public)

Preferred Setting poll

Setting You Like

Game Set On Moon Europa (public)

Interesting Themes/Topics

Story Idea

Emotions: Fun/Humor Or More

More Intellectual Content

=== Other Crowd Funded Projects ===

(See also the "Kickstarter / Kicking it forward" section.)

Other Kickstarter Projects (public)

What Else Would You Back

Know About Kickstarter Before DFA poll

Backing Other Projects poll

Games You Want Kickstarted (public)

Leisure Suit Larry (1)

Leisure Suit Larry (2)

Over/Underfunded Kickstarters (public)

Kickstarter Overkill/Crash (public) poll

Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter (1) (public)

Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter (2)

Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter (3)

Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter (4)

Wish Pictures

Other Kickstarters

Tactical Shooter (public)

Other Projects

Tex Murphy (public)

Kickstarter Project Collection


=== Non-English Related ===

Brazilian Portuguese


German Voice Acting poll

Types of Spanish (public)


=== Accessing The Private Boards ===

Is This The Private Forum (public)

How Can I Access The Private Boards (public)

Where Are The Private Boards (1) (public)

Where Are The Private Boards (2) (public)

Is My E-mail Address Okay (public)

Can We Pick Our Own Names (public)

=== Pledges / Rewards / Survey ===

February, Goodies Update (public) by DF

Maybe Sign More Things (1) (public)

Maybe Sign More Things (2) (public)

Maybe Sign More Things (3) (public)

What Will Total Pledge Be (public) poll

Howto Multiple Physical Copies (public)

Will You Increase Your Pledge (public) poll

$10,000 Pledge Is Back (public)

$250 Pledge Is Full (public)

Why Did You Back (public)

Why Did You Back poll

Why Did You Donate (public)

Will Hate Game, Still Pledged (public)

Strange Kickstarter Message (public)

Idea For Extra Reward Teir (public)

What Do, Missed Deadline (public)

Can I Still Back More (public)

Can I Still Upgrade

How Much You Donated poll

I Donated $10,000 (public)

Best $15 Ever Spent

Personalize Game For $100+ (public)

When Will Survey Arrive

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=== Art / Graphics / 2D Versus 3D / Animation ===

Art Styles (public)

Steve Purcell (public)

Unlockable Concept Art (public)

Cartoony Versus More Serious

Pixels Versus Polygons poll

Preferred Graphics poll

2D Versus 3D (1) (public) poll

2D Versus 3D (2) (public)

2D Versus 3D (3)

2D Animation Styles (public)

Dynamic Environments

Your Own Artwork

Salesman Buck Art

Backers Wallpaper Ideas

Idle Animations poll

=== Puzzles ===

Designing Good Puzzles

Kind of Puzzles You Prefer (public) poll

Making Puzzles More Fun

Puzzles: What To Avoid

I Don't Like Puzzles (public)

Best Point-And-Click Puzzles (public)

=== Multiple Solutions/Paths/Choices ===

Multiple Solutions

Hero/Antihero Story Paths

Choices In The Game poll

Second Run Different

Multiple Endings poll

=== Congratulations, I'm Happy, Good Luck / Thanks ===

February, Thanks Everybody (public) by DF

March, Thank You by DF

Congrats On $3M (public)

Congrats On $2M (public)

Good Luck With Development

I Am Happy (public)

=== Spoilers / Leaking / Privacy ===

How Private Should The Forum Be poll by DF

How Do You Feel About Leaks (public) poll

Is Leaking A Problem (public)

Avoiding Spoilers (public)

Fake Spoilers

Is Super Private Possible poll

=== Dialog / Quotes ===

Depicting Dialogue (public)

Quotes You Would Like To See

Attention Span (public)

Can We Write Dialog (public)

Dialogue-Based Insult-Fighting poll

Dialogue Duels

=== Contribute Besides Money / Beta Testing ===

Care Packages poll

Suggesting Object Interactions

How Involved Do You Want To Be poll

Playing The Beta poll

Mac Beta

Playable Trial Versions (public) poll

=== Kickstarter / Kicking it forward ===

(See also the "Other Crowd Funded Projects" section.)

Investment Type Of Kickstarter

Kicking It Forward (1) (public)

Kicking It Forward (2)

Kicking It Forward (3)

Implications Of Kickstarter Publishing (public)

DFA Blockbuster Effect

New World Order

If Flops, Backing Another DFA poll

Kickstarter's Effect On Publishing

Manipulation By Publishers

=== Shipping / Distribution ===


Distribution Besides STEAM

How Testing On Linux

Can I Still Pay Shipping (public)

VAT/Tax On Imported Goods (public)

Customs Value Limit (public)

Import Tax And Gifts

Old-School Package Publishing (public)

Shipping and Import Fees

=== Engine / License ===

Releasing Creation Tools (1) (public)

Releasing Creation Tools (2)

Releasing Creation Tools (3) poll

Creation Tools

Creating Engine From Scratch (public)

Open Source/CC License (public)

Creating A (SCUMM 2) Platform

=== DFA Credits ===

When Give Name Credits (public)

Extra Credits (public)

Add Scrollbar To Credits

What Backer Info In Credits

=== Development Tools / Process ===

Starting New Notebook by DF

Useful Development Tools

Favorite Brainstorming Tools

=== Mods / Fan Creations ===

Making Own Adventure

DFA: Fan Art

DFA: Fan Game

DFA: Sandbox/Level Editor

=== Social Stuff ===

Social Aspect Of Gaming (public)

Some Kind Of Co-Op Mode

Social Features Not Important

Playing DFA 'Hotseat'

DFA: Irc Chat

Idea: Backer-Con 2013

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=== Documentary / Videos ===

Coming Soon: Episode 1 by 2PP

EP1: A Perfect Storm for Adventure by DF

Info Documentary Only Private Boards

Will Documentary Be Longer/Episodic (public)

Will Documentary Have Subtitles

What You Want In Documentary (1) (public)

What You Want In Documentary (2)

Was Livestream Recorded

Soundtrack/Background Music

Spanish Subtitles

EP1: Tim's Alternate Takes poll

EP1: What You Liked Most

=== Game Length / Episodic Games / Replay Value ===

Hope For Large Environment (public)

Long Game, Focused Content

I Want A Long Game (public)

DFA: How Long On Playthrough

Better Replay Value (public)


What Will Game Length Be

=== DFA: Advertising / Marketing ===

Mega64 Advert (public)

Using Donations For Advertising (public)

Guerrilla Marketing

Story About This On Colbert (public)

=== Ideas/Hopes For DFA ===

In-Game Commentary

Ideas To Inspire Chaos


Secret Area With DF Crew

Carrying A Message poll

Minigame In The Adventure

Easter Eggs

Better Way To Do 'Journals'

Custimized Wardrobe/Home

Backer-Only Achievements

Various (1) (public)

Various (2)

Various (3)

Hint System

Details Are Important (public)

Features From HE Games poll

DFA: Can We Die

Red Herrings (public)

=== Random Fun / Nonsense ===

A Forum Game

April Fools About DFA

April Fools In-Game Screenshot

Full Frontal Nudity poll

If Schafer Was A Fish

Poll For Fun (1) poll

Poll For Fun (2) poll

Randomness Thread

Pixel Hunt Joke

Funny Video (public)

Shoe On Head (public)

Europa Moon (public)

Eat Rice Or Beans While Playing poll

Songs About Having Money (public)

DFA: Anime Style poll

Crazy Adventure Idea (public)

Double Fine Pizza

Will DF Staff Wear Monocles

Post Your Own Wisdom

=== Other Websites ===

DFA Wiki Guide

Felicia Days Channel/Google+

Article About Maniac Mansion

=== Various ===

(I'm working on the layout... Lines still need to be moved...)


http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5675/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6032/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6150/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6051/ (public)




http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6329/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5710/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6055/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6278/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6272/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6176/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6154/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5909/ (public)


http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6110/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5975/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5870/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6014/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6000/ (public)


http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5932/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5841/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5851/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5714/ (public)


http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5631/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5741/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5736/ (public)


http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5734/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5585/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5643/ (public)

http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5754/ (public)

How To Be An Adventurer

Favorite Indie Developer

My Thoughts About DFA

The Process Is The DFA

Various Thoughts About Adventures

DFA: What Are We Aiming At

Will This End Well

Multiple Difficulty Settings

DFA: Game Name Suggestions

DF Trademarks The Cave (public)

DFA: A Working Title (public)

You Want In Video Game Industry poll

How Will You Enjoy The DFA poll

Making A Game Yourself

Giving Technical Details

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A+ for effort

Thanks. :cheese:

Not sure how helpful this will be, [...]

Neither do I, but it may be useful for newcomers...

...or visitors who're interested in following/finding threads about certain subjects.

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Wow... you, Norbert, are now officially a hard core fan! Congratulations!

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Bumping this thread, because at page 3 of the DFA: Discussion and Feedback board it's not very useful anymore.

Kind of defeats the purpose if almost nobody will see this thread.

There are still plenty of threads being started about subjects that already have their own threads.

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Has it not been stickied yet? Deserves a sticky.

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I'm not going to continue working on this, for two reasons:

1. I know of at least one administrator who knows about this thread, and even though some of you have suggested this thread could be stickied (thanks!), it hasn't been stickied. During the last day or so, this thread once again slowly moved to the end of page 3 of the DFA: Discussion and Feedback board. Such a location for this thread more or less defeats its purpose.

2. I've requested more boards to be created in the Kickstarter Backers-Only Area in this thread. The consensus seemed to be that creating more boards would be a good idea. The increasing number of threads, with many duplicates, makes it difficult to keep track of certain things. So far, no extra boards have been created.

I've been trying to fix what I think is a problem with this forum. I now realize that it's up to Double Fine to decide whether or not there's a problem, and if there is, it's also up to Double Fine to work out a good solution. It's not my project.

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Seems a shame. There are definitely problems with this forum that need to be addressed (purely technical problems) and good on you for trying to help out. Hopefully they will be addressed soon because I can see people getting frustrated with all of the multiple topics and lack of navigation features and leaving.

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I've been trying to fix what I think is a problem with this forum. I now realize that it's up to Double Fine to decide whether or not there's a problem, and if there is, it's also up to Double Fine to work out a good solution. It's not my project.

Thanks for the effort. I certainly agree that these forums are poorly moderated, which is a shame with the huge amounts of recently registered inexperienced forum goers. Some forums have a feature where when you start a new thread you get a few suggestions of similar threads that already exists. That's something the Double Fine forums really could benefit from, seeing as many users not only aren't able to use the search function, but can't even see similar threads five threads down on the page. I've now taken to only reading posts by DF and 2PP employees unless I find a thread with a really interesting topic and not too many posts.

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