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Playing Grim Fandango

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As one of the guys that have been working a bit on ResidualVM (although, the major progress the last year is not because of my work) I guess I shouldn't put too much into the debate of ResidualVM vs various solutions to get it installed on Windows, but I'll put out the following:

In the original game, if you speak to Dom at the very start, you will be unable to hear a rather important monologue of his later in the game. This was fixed in ResidualVM.

We do consider Grim quite playable, but there are a few graphical glitches, but all in all Grim has been rather stable. Yes, there are bugs, but the amount that we consider release-breakers are not that many (simple graphical glitches are ok, stuff that makes the game unplayable or impossible to complete... is not).

We'd love help to find the bugs that are in there though, so like was already stated here, if you'd like to help us gear up for our first release, fetch a download of 0.1.0, and start testing ;)


Thanks for all the work you guys have done on ResidualVM. As a selfish windows user (and owning the original discs), I would have been happy with some graphical patching, but going down the multi-platform interpreter route was akin to an heroic act. Well done.

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