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~Psychonaut Character Challenge thread~

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Hey guys,

I am sure we have all thought of this at one time or another, being the creative fans we are:

What kind of charcter would you be in Psychonauts?

I am not talking about "I'd be Raz" or "I see myself totally as Dr. Loboto".

I am talking about you or your own character.

Just thinking of them is not enough though.

To show just how devote, skilled, and creative we are, let's post some character sheets, illustrations, etc.

I know a few of you already have some art like this flying around the net.

Feel free to post them again here.

No limit to how many pics you can post or what media.

From the contests I have seen great carving, painting, crafting skills so don't feel restricted by pen and paper.

Go nuts!

Its a great way to show our ideas and maybe our art/concepts will inspire the DF team too.

Well don't just sit there, lets, doodle, craft, draw, sculpt, paint and post!

Starter ideas to churn your brain:

~ Whispering Rock camper

~ Circus performer

~ Asylum personel

~ Psychonaut secret agent

(Action Shark, I'm not quite sure if this goes in fan art so feel free to move the thread if necessary. If its good leave it and i'll erase this small caption. Thanks!)

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Ooooh, nice idea!

I have a Psychonauts fan character by the name of Trent Yamada, he's a Psychonauts agent who happened to get one of his arms blown off on a mission so they replaced it with a psychic energy powered cannon arm... Woo!

Action Pose

Sasha makes the best coffee =3

My other Psychonauts OC is in that coffee one too, his name is Dr. Leopold Murdoc. Murdoc is an ex-Psychonauts who was a rival of Ford Cruller. Long story short, Murdoc went insane after testing the effects of psitainium being introduced into his blood streem. Thats why his hair is that purple/pink colour.

More Murdoc:

Chibi Murdoc

Kingdom Hearts Murdoc

Murdoc in Butch Hartmans style xD

Murdoc is a classic gamer =3

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sounds interesting

and yeah psytainium in the bloodstream would mess you up kinda bad now that I am thinking about it

basicly short circut your mind

also love your psychonaut keyblade

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A great idea. Heh, I have been using similar designs to this one for a while now, but had no real reason of developing it; but now can be an opportunity to mess around with it a bit more. :-P

So, although all these doodles are very 'samey' taken from an earlier Charon idea: I shall try and breathe life into the character. Kyros Delis, a warm and friendly member of the circus troupe and friends with Raz's father (who we need to see more of!) Probably a carefree and light-hearted chap who has hidden jewels of wisdom and ocassionay a counsellor(I know, how original.) Maybe a knife thrower-come-gymnast. Heh, just ideas-- which shall need to be fleshed out at a later date... stupid exams.


Heh, I understand these are all identical but they were doodled at varying times over the years, but they shall improve (I hope.) With any luck the community shall chime in on this(especially Shadoe and Tikara), as it could be rather enjoyable.

Great sig, by the way. ;-)

Edit:Probably more along this line. A quick sketch I did this morning.

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Oh, dude. As soon as I saw this thread I started drawing. I already had a Psychonauts OC who was basically a self insert; Cecilia Kayne. She's the one in my signature.

Here she is. In all her awkward, paranoid glory. Or MY paranoid, awkward glory. Whatever. And here's a better picture.

She's a cadet at Whispering Rock (How coincidental, I'm actually wearing my WR shirt right now! Hah.). Her only real ability is to levitate (Because I'm a fast runner and excellent jumper. And I have a severe passion for flight.), which she's very good at. Everything else, she's fairly bad at (Reflecting my own one-trick-ponyness of only being fairly good at drawing and writing. not much else.). She's lanky, bony, awkward...Yup.

As far as personality goes, she's very, VERY quiet on her own, only opening her mouth to chew on her fingernails or talk to herself under her breath. However, once she's around her close friends, she suddenly gets very loud and boisterous. She'll talk loudly without realizing it and make wild gesticulations while contorting her voice to different pitches and accents. She's also clingy and tends to closely follow any friends or aquaintences she sees in unfamilar areas becasue of her fear of being alone and singled out. Once you remove friends from the picture, she'll lapse back into silence and find a nice corner to hide in and think.

She doesn't have anything notable in her history. She grew up on the coast and spent the majority of her life on boats. That's about it.

Besides the powers and being a Psy cadet, she's basically an exagerrated version of me. Please, call us "Cee". (To avoid confusion if she and I are together or if I have to refer to myself and her, her nick name is "Cii".)

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Yes there did need to be more scenes with raz's dad

he was a good character ^-^

I like the mask you designed m.

Shadoe I think she is really sweet and i can just picture her talking and hanging out in the main lodge

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