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Post your Kickstarter Backer History

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Shadowrun Returns In Progress Sunday Apr 29, 2:59am EDT $15.00

TAKEDOWN FUNDED! Sunday Apr 1, 8:04pm EDT $15.00

The Banner Saga FUNDED! Friday Apr 20, 7:00pm EDT $50.00

FTL: Faster Than Light FUNDED! Sunday Apr 1, 1:00am EDT $10.00

Double Fine Adventure FUNDED! Tuesday Mar 13, 8:00pm EDT $15.00

Wasteland 2 FUNDED! Tuesday Apr 17, 8:05am EDT $30.00

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Make Leisure Suit Larry come again! In Progress $100.69 (04/03/2012)

Double Fine Adventure FUNDED! $15.00 (03/13/2012)

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I'll post what I backed, but will NOT tell you how much. It's really none of anyone's business what I can and can't afford as with everything I backed I would've funded as much as I could. Also, everything I backed has been funded and I'm now strapped as I plan for conventions like MoCCA Fest this weekend (where a lot Kickstarted projects will debut), Book Expo America in June and then saving up hardcore for New York Comic Con in October.

Going back to the beginning of my Kickstarter

Hi Christina Makes A Movie: 200+% funded. This film titled "I Like You" is completed, but post production met the backburner when another project came into Fritz and Christina's life. The name of that project turned out to be Keats. He's about 3 months old now. Christina made me an awesome T-shirt though and the movie will still live!

PANTHEON: A history of art from the streets of NYC: This was an amazing project! It came together amazingly and was on display across the street from MOMA in New York for a month with some great art. One of the best pieces made for it was an installation by the groups 907 and Grunts.

Double Fine Adventure: That's where we are right now!

Carl's Large Story: The books are done, many of them shipped. Marcos is working on an original drawing for me of Carl right now. Package should come soon.

GAME OVER-Insert More Quarters: Off at the printers!

Gods of the Flies: Just finished the last shot of production. Now in post production.

BOY! The American Release: Travelling the North American circuit still. Now waiting to hear on American DVD distribution. Up for an Oscar in 2013??

SPIKE! A Love Story Too: In production

Cavegirl Fudge: In production

Merchgirl by Murs! and Blaylock: At the printers!

Gastrophobia Vol. 2: Printed, shipped, debuts to the public at MoCCA this weekend.

Riddikulus! 2012: A Rolling Wizard Rock Festival: Tour starts in June. Mp3s should be ready by end of May.

so there you have it....

You can also check my starred, I actually want to pledge everything I've starred, you'll see that unlike many I have not backed Shadowrun, Wasteland, etc.


I really want to back Jane Jensen and Larry, but I need to reevaluate my funds.

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Grim Dawn, took the plunge with $250 for the signed poster as I'm a fan of Titan Quest and really wish for the project to succeed, being an arpg fan in general.

Turrican Soundtrack, did $50 for the signed CD set. $100 for the signed poster is tempting, but the cd's are good enough.

Other ones I've pitched in lower amounts to ($10-15) is Banner Saga, Wasteland2, and Capital C. Doesn't look like the latter will make it unless someone pulls something out their sleeve.

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Double Fine Adventure, Larry remake and Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road (I couldn't resist the original sketch from Gabriel Knight 1, even if it is way more expensive than I can afford). :red:

I'm really sad to see that Jane Jansen's new adventure game is getting so little support, dispite great rewards and value for money.

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I've funded:

Marrisa nadler on pledgemusic, Tim shafer on kickstarter and Jane Jensen on kickstarter. Next to that I funded a lot of beginning bands on bandcamp. And I preordered a pandora in 2008 that I got in 2010... Just because I like the products they deliver....

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Pinkerton Road

Double Fine Adventure

Wasteland 2

Leisure Suit Larry


Echoes of Eternia

I don't really expect all of them to be made but oh well.

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So many good ideas out there, not enough time or money to back them all, but here's my backer list

First Halloween Nativity Set

999 Bottles


Cartes Infernales

DY Skateboards



Philosophy Posters

Blue Blood Playing Cards

Lowercase Noises Vinyl

Yoga Poster

Knock Down Barns

Shell Game

Lost Souls of the Congo

Day of the Dead


Canoes Vinyl

Belletrist Coterie Magazine

Artisan Dice


Kern & Burn Book

Gremelata & Cancellarese Milanese


Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Witch Knots

David Lynch Documentary

Realizing Emphathy Book

Triptych Brewing

Tendril Playing Cards

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First was DFA with $150.

Second was Leisure Suit Larry with $170

And third was Janes Projekt with $260.

And a German project at a Kickstarter-like site.

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My first Backing was Double Fine - and got me hooked up to backing many other stuff

*) Double Fine Adventure

*) The Keeper - Hailey Niswanger's second album!

*) Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!

*) Wasteland 2

*) The Antler Boy and Other Stories

*) "Fallout: Nuka Break" Season 2

*) The Cucumber Quest Book Project

*) Dark Meridian

Maybe I will back the Pepples Watch and Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road also, but I will sleep a few days over it

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Just this. There are a number of other games that interest me and I'll probably buy them when they're released, but this is the only one I feel confident enough about to put money down from the start.

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Double Fine Adventure (funded)

The Banner Saga (funded)

Wasteland 2 (funded)

Shadowrun Returns

Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask

Jane Jensen's Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio

I was undecided on backing the LSL remake for a while, but I think I'll be leaving that one; I just can't justify the extra cash right now. Of the projects above I'm most excited for DFA, and that's the first I backed, but Mobius is a close second. I'm hoping that Jane's CSG model works out, although the project doesn't seem to be getting as much interest so far as I would have expected it to.

I've linked the ones that are still ongoing (as I post this) to the KS pages in case anyone's interested in them...

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Just Wasteland 2 and the DF adventure right now, but I'll likely back Leisure Suit Larry as well. Sure wish I had the extra cash for a Pebble, those things look AWESOME!

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Jane Jensen's Moebius - NEEDS FUNDING!!!!

Banner Saga - FUNDED

Wasteland 2 - FUNDED


Dust (Short Film - still could use backers; shot with Red! Makes a terrific impression...) - NEEDS FUNDING!!!!!

Apocalypse over Pancakes (Short Film - yes, I did back it and I had to because the cast is pretty good) . FUNDED

Grain35 (35mm and 16mm Grain Scan for DSLR and 4k - had to go for that...) - FUNDED

Still thinking about backing Chris Huelsbeck but my budget... my budget... aaaah my budget...

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