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Post your Kickstarter Backer History

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An unhealthy mix of ignorance, snobby attitude, overestimation, intentional lack of/misleading communication/information, lying to the press, not taking the backers serious, multiplayer focus, no planetary landing, no star dreamer mode, loco tier structure (built to milk the fans but without staying sensitive), pay to win, ... it was just a very disillusioning experience. He was lucky to get the project funded this way but imo he did not deserve it. It's generally better for crowdfunding if such projects crash and devs get their homework done first. Saying so i once enjoyed his GDC speech and of course Frontier.

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I pledged just adventure games:

Double Fine Adventure

Broken Sword - the Serpent’s Curse Adventure

Jane Jensen’s Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio

Tex Murphy - Project Fedora

Two Guys Spaceventure

ASYLUM (In progress: http://kck.st/VlnMSs)

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Me and backing have a love hate relationship. I normally don't pledge high, but when I do it is for a project I really care about like this one. (though, high is relative, for me it is no higher then about $110)

Started with Double Fine Adventure, we all know how THAT turned out. (spoiler: Well so far)

Then I thought I would never pledge again! But then I saw an awesome open world zombie game, the dead linger.

I noticed Wasteland 2, decided to back it due to being like Fallout.

Loving adventure games I decided to support Al in the remake of Leisure Suit Larry. To be honest, as a kid I never really passed it. But I suppose that was since I wasn't even meant to PLAY it!

My next project came around right after I had managed to have some self control and not back Dead State. Grim dawn came around during the height of my "Torchlight 2" lusting period. So Yeah.

Next I was surprised to see an artist I liked to listen to kickstarting, so I backed her. Not much, but enough.

Anyway as I said, I had the self control to get out of pledging to Dead State, but not doing that made me weaker. So when Z. came around with an awesome set of rewards I made one of my most risky pledges and pledged to this. Needed Zombies, pledged for them.

Castle Story was meant to be my last kickstarter, I figured that given the level of variety in my pledges I wouldn't see another which would interest me. Castle Story was a fun little game I enjoyed watching videos of and decided to help out.

So I was happy at this point, I had gotten all my previous games funded and thought to myself, Damn, it would really have to be something impressive to convince me to back again! Then Planetary Annihilation came out and I cried myself to sleep.

This next one I was a little skeptical about backing. Since it sounded almost like a game I would like, given my other games I love to play but at the same time it didnt have that special something to push me over the line. The stretch goals pushed me over with an awesome stronghold. All stretch goals met thanks to paypal

At this point I KNEW there was nothing else I would need to fund, adventures, card games, sandbox games, rpgs, hell even a TA sucessor. The only thing that could come out now that would push me over the line was something as awesome as FREELANCER. like that would ever happen! .... Star Citizen. *cry

Maia was my next project I backed, it really harkened back to the days of Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital and really made me excited. Not like there would be a proper dungeon keeper on here to back.

OR SO I THOUGHT. The war for the overworld basically was exactly what I wanted. I backed again and weeped softly. Dungeon keeper through and through.

Didnt pledge for a couple of months then, pledged for Death Inc since, yeah, I give up.

1) Double Fine Adventure (Funded, Documentary slowly out, much bigger then expected.)

2) The Dead Linger (Funded, Currently in Early Alpha @ thedeadlinger.com , funded over double what was wanted.)

3) Wasterland 2 (Funded, First gameplay video released, gave out a free game at Christmas n_n )

4) Leisure Suit Larry (Funded, Alpha launched, beta soon. Reached stretch goal tons of new content! )

5) Grim Dawn (Funded, double what was wanted and added a TON of content in stretch goals. Apparently close to alpha, but very quiet)

6) Amanda Palmer Album (Funded, got content, was not disappointed.)

7) Z. (Barely Funded, but Funded. Was silent for the longest time, but has recently exploded with pictures of them making the cards)

8) Castle Story (Almost funded 10x the amount required, had a setback but now prototype is out and soon all beta players get it too)

9) Planetary Annihilation (Over twice required amount funded, unlocked 4 new planets, 2 new unit sets, full orchestra score, so much more. Still in early stages)

10) Project Eternity (Funded almost 4x required, all stretch goals met, lots of art assets being shown and the promised arcanum play-through)

11) Star Citizen (Over 8.2 mil pledged, 2 mil since the kickstarter close, all stretch goals met...Too early days for content yet. but they talk a lot.)

12) Maia (reached 140k/100k, funded. Alpha apparently out soonish?)

13) War for the Overworld (Funded, Most important stretchgoal met but no others. Still taking pledges on paypal. wftogame.com)

14) Death Inc (Project still going, really promising looking bullfrog style management game. May not reach goal, but I can hope. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/229423802/death-inc )

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Here´s my updated list:


1. Broken Age - $110 and then increased to $150.

2. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded - $170 and then I increased to $275.

3. Moebius - $225 and then increased to $260.

4. Republique - $260

5. Spaceventure - $275

6. Tex Murphy - Project Fedora - $270

7. Quest for Infamy - $310

8. Lilly Looking Through - $140

9. Jack Houston and the Necronauts - $260

10. Broken Sword - $500

11. Shadowgate - $110

12. Under The Half Dome: An Album by Sierra Composer, Ken Allen - $35

13. Asylum - $400

14. Dreamfall Chapters - $560

15. City Quest - $100

16. Nelly Cootalot - £92

17. Lacuna Passage - $90

18. The Slaughter - £73

19. Stasis - $118

20. Jason the Greek - £55

21. Delaware St. John: Asylum of The Lost - $100 (3rd campaign try)

Not funded:

1. Delaware St. John 4: Asylum of The Lost - $60 (1st campaign try)

2. HeXit - $300 (but they´ll make it anyway)

3. AR-K: A Dark Acid Adventure Comedy - $260 (1st campaign try. I missed the second one :( )

4. The 7th Guest 3: The Collector - $100

5. Bolt Riley - $180


1. Kinky Island - $60

2. Warbird Games Early Bird Campaign - $80 (not funded but later transfered to Kickstarter)

3. Coma: a mind adventure - $120

4. Richard & Alice - The finishing touches - $120

5. FRAN BOW : A Very Creepy Point & Click Adventure Game - $80

6. Reset - 120€

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Let's see now...

Double Fine Adventure $120

FTL $10

Idle Thumbs $33

Planetary Annihilation $20

Consortium $10 (actually a mistake, I meant to cancel it after reading an update which irritated me, but it looks like it's good, so ok!)

Infinite Space 3 $10


Two Rooms and a Boom $50

Night in the Woods $15

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