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Greg Rice

DFA Game Club: Full Throttle

What should we play?!?!  

1,106 members have voted

  1. 1. What should we play?!?!

    • Beneath a Steel Sky
    • Bontanicula
    • Full Throttle
    • Gabriel Knight
    • Gemini Rue
    • Gray Matter
    • Machinarium
    • Maniac Mansion
    • Simon the Sorcerer 2
    • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    • Tales of Monkey Island
    • The Journey Down
    • The Last Express
    • Under a Killing Moon
    • Zak McKracken

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I voted for the Last Express because there's really nothing else like it. It's a wonderful experience that more people should be aware of. That, and Jordan freakin' Mechner is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

But if Full Throttle wins, I'm totally cool with that. I haven't played it in years...

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The game I want to play most from that list and haven't already is Beneath a Steel Sky so I'll vote for that.

Also, you can get it from GOG for free so that should be a plus.

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I suspect the absence of Grim Fandango is due to how difficult it is to run it on modern systems. It's completable with Residual VM, but still buggy.

On topic I voted Gabriel Knight, got a sudden urge to replay it thanks to the Jane Jensen kickstarter going on atm. Also, who said Double Fine Adventure is gonna be a comedy cartoon game? The kickstarter only claimed it to be a point-and-click adventure. And I'd say DOTT is the only pure comedy game Tim has created anyway, all the others had their fair share of serious moments. Anyway I think it's important to get inspiration from all kinds of sources, and GK is definitely top-notch in the storytelling and character department as well as setting the mood with awesome music!

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These poll results are crazy. Really didn't imagine people would vote fairly evenly -- I thought it'd be nice to favor the newer stuff.

I guess I'm one of the only people voting for The Journey Down -- major points to Skygoblin for, against all common sense, becoming a brand new adventure game studio randomly last year [before it was cool]. They've developed/grown their game from the original (now free) Adventure Game Studio game to something wonderful looking in the new version..

Have people checked this out? It's pretty close to a homage to Grim Fandango, and Lucasarts -- but well done.

I vote for karmic/opposite-rules poll results! Expose people to new stuff!

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I'm a geek, so I did a geek thing.. As a related note, I'm really annoyed by lack of sorting options everywhere on the web.

1. Go to the poll results page.

2. Open your browser's developer console, if you can find it.

3. Paste in the code below, and run it.

4. Get vote results in sorted order in the developer console.

var items = [];

$tr = $($('table.tableBorderLeft')[0]).find('tr');

$tr.each(function(index, element) {

   var $element = $(element);

   var voteText = $(element.children[1]).text();

   if (/^[0-9]+$/.test(voteText) === false) {




       name: $(element.children[0]).text(),

       votes: parseInt(voteText)



items.sort(function(first, second){

   return second.votes - first.votes


for (var i=0, count=items.length; i
   console.log(items[i].name + ': ' + items[i].votes);


At the moment it looks like this for me:

Full Throttle: 46

Bontanicula: 32

Gabriel Knight: 30

Beneath a Steel Sky: 29

Machinarium: 29

Gemini Rue: 24

The Last Express: 24

Tales of Monkey Island: 22

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP: 20

Maniac Mansion: 16

Zak McKracken: 14

Simon the Sorcerer 2: 12

Under a Killing Moon: 11

Gray Matter: 10

The Journey Down: 2

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All of those suggestions are great! I ended up going with Superbrothers as I figured why not suggest a really quirky modern one.

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Looks like we are gonna be playin some Full Throttle this week. B)

Time to exercise those... *other* means. =p

Edit: Also I did snag Gemini Rue on the steam sale. =)

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I voted for Beneath a Steel Sky because it's just about my all time favourite game. Gabriel Knight is a close second, and I have been thinking about playing through it again soon anyway.

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i'm in no hurry to play one or the other games first - just keep the game club running and we're gonna play all of them. wohoo!

(but as i'm actually playing full throttle and machinarium at the moment, i'd prefer one of those two)

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Well alright than. Time to download the latest ScummVM and crack open my cd. If nothing else... Full Throttle is a cautionary tale for nose ring wearers =)

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Okay, I'm going to call it. We'll be playing...FULL THROTTLE!!! See you guys tomorrow at 12:00 PDT!

I voted for Full Throttle, so yay!

On other news, for the next one I would love to see The Dig in the list :)

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Full Throttle is a GREAT game, but I played it AGAIN a couple of months ago so no go for me. And people, have fun when it comes to the biker fighting part :) (sadistic smile)

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So is the only way to get Full Throttle is by "other means" or buying it from ebay?

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Why not Simon the Sorceror 1? I really enjoyed that (albeit as a kid, not sure how it would stand up today) but Simon 2 was mediocre and the series went increasingly downhill after that.

I'd say Beneath a Steel Sky, I remember it having a good story and pacing. The puzzles were pretty good too, some original angles like the bits in LINKspace (i think thats what it was called) and transfering Joey's mobo into different shells. Also its free to download and runs on SCUMMVM so plenty of people can get involved!

If something more modern is preferable, Machinarium was good, the music and art style was brilliant, the puzzles were a mixture of good and bad, my main problem with it was probably the interface, being built in flash limited it a bit, there was no right click (brought up a drop-down list for flash settings) and for several bits you had to be standing in the right place to do things, or click on things in the correct order, all pretty superficial but it was a shame cos it made the game a bit frustrating to play at times. Otherwise it was a fine example of a modern game in the spirit of classic point n clicks, and showed how good 2D graphics can be, imho so much better than 3D or 2.5D.

Edit: oh yeah Full throttle won, I did wonder why that was the title and then there was a poll of options, I am a douche, still my comments still stand :P

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So is the only way to get Full Throttle is by "other means" or buying it from ebay?

Yep, most of LucasArts' classics haven't gotten a proper digital re-release yet. I don't know if they're planning eventual HD re-releases for them (even though their new leadership seems to have no interest in the company's past) or if they just don't care (which seems more likely).

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Starting times per (capital) city.

Disclaimer: I'm not guaranteeing everything is correct.

If you find an error (or something important is missing), please let me know and I'll edit this post.

* = Adjusted for daylight saving/summer time.

Accra: Sat 19:00

Addis Ababa: Sat 22:00

Adelaide: Sun 04:30

Algiers: Sat 20:00

Almaty: Sun 01:00

Amman *: Sat 22:00

Amsterdam *: Sat 21:00

Anadyr: Sun 07:00

Anchorage *: Sat 11:00

Ankara *: Sat 22:00

Antananarivo: Sat 22:00

Asuncion: Sat 15:00

Athens *: Sat 22:00

Atlanta *: Sat 15:00

Auckland: Sun 07:00

Baghdad: Sat 22:00

Bangalore: Sat 00:30

Bangkok: Sun 02:00

Barcelona *: Sat 21:00

Beijing: Sun 03:00

Beirut *: Sat 22:00

Belgrade *: Sat 21:00

Berlin *: Sat 21:00

Bogota: Sat 14:00

Boston *: Sat 15:00

Brasilia: Sat 16:00

Brisbane: Sun 05:00

Brussels *: Sat 21:00

Bucharest *: Sat 22:00

Budapest *: Sat 21:00

Buenos Aires: Sat 16:00

Cairo: Sat 21:00

Calgary *: Sat 13:00

Canberra: Sun 05:00

Cape Town: Sat 21:00

Caracas: Sat 14:30

Casablanca: Sat 19:00

Chicago *: Sat 14:00

Columbus *: Sat 15:00

Copenhagen *: Sat 21:00

Dallas *: Sat 14:00

Dar es Salaam: Sat 22:00

Darwin: Sun 04:30

Denver *: Sat 13:00

Detroit *: Sat 15:00

Dhaka: Sun 01:00

Doha: Sat 22:00

Dubai: Sat 23:00

Dublin *: Sat 20:00

Edmonton *: Sat 13:00

Frankfurt *: Sat 21:00

Guatemala: Sat 13:00

Halifax *: Sat 16:00

Hanoi: Sun 02:00

Harare: Sat 21:00

Havana *: Sat 15:00

Helsinki *: Sat 22:00

Hong Kong: Sun 03:00

Honolulu: Sat 09:00

Houston *: Sat 14:00

Indianapolis *: Sat 15:00

Islamabad: Sat 24:00

Istanbul *: Sat 22:00

Jakarta: Sun 02:00

Jerusalem *: Sat 22:00

Johannesburg: Sat 21:00

Kabul: Sat 23:30

Karachi: Sat 24:00

Khartoum: Sat 22:00

Kingston: Sat 14:00

Kinshasa: Sat 20:00

Kiritimati: Sun 09:00

Kolkata: Sat 00:30

Kuala Lumpur: Sun 03:00

Kuwait City: Sat 22:00

Kyiv *: Sat 22:00

La Paz: Sat 15:00

Lagos: Sat 20:00

Lahore: Sat 24:00

Las Vegas *: Sat 12:00

Lima: Sat 14:00

Lisbon *: Sat 20:00

London *: Sat 20:00

Los Angeles *: Sat 12:00

Madrid *: Sat 21:00

Managua: Sat 13:00

Manila: Sun 03:00

Melbourne: Sun 05:00

Mexico City *: Sat 14:00

Miami *: Sat 15:00

Minneapolis *: Sat 14:00

Minsk: Sat 22:00

Montevideo: Sat 16:00

Montreal *: Sat 15:00

Moscow: Sat 23:00

Mumbai: Sat 00:30

Nairobi: Sat 22:00

Nassau *: Sat 15:00

New Delhi: Sat 00:30

New Orleans *: Sat 14:00

New York *: Sat 15:00

Oslo *: Sat 21:00

Ottawa *: Sat 15:00

Paris *: Sat 21:00

Perth: Sun 03:00

Philadelphia *: Sat 15:00

Phoenix: Sat 12:00

Prague *: Sat 21:00

Quito: Sat 14:00

Reykjavik: Sat 19:00

Rio de Janeiro: Sat 16:00

Riyadh: Sat 22:00

Rome *: Sat 21:00

Salt Lake City *: Sat 13:00

San Francisco *: Sat 12:00

San Juan: Sat 15:00

San Salvador: Sat 13:00

Santiago *: Sat 16:00

Santo Domingo: Sat 15:00

Sao Paulo: Sat 16:00

Seattle *: Sat 12:00

Seoul: Sun 04:00

Shanghai: Sun 03:00

Singapore: Sun 03:00

Sofia *: Sat 22:00

St. John's *: Sat 16:30

Stockholm *: Sat 21:00

Suva: Sun 07:00

Sydney: Sun 05:00

Taipei: Sun 03:00

Tallinn *: Sat 22:00

Tashkent: Sat 24:00

Tegucigalpa: Sat 13:00

Tehran *: Sat 23:30

Tokyo: Sun 04:00

Toronto *: Sat 15:00

Vancouver *: Sat 12:00

Vienna *: Sat 21:00

Warsaw *: Sat 21:00

Washington DC *: Sat 15:00

Winnipeg *: Sat 14:00

Yangon: Sun 01:30

Zagreb *: Sat 21:00

Zürich *: Sat 21:00

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hmmm... Tehran...

It would be surprising to see that we have backers in Iran, and even more if they are active in the forum.

(It's not criticism on your list, just made me think)

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So is the only way to get Full Throttle is by "other means" or buying it from ebay?

Its pretty silly, there was nowhere near enough time for people to get physical copies, its practically an endorsement of that first option. Personally i think they should limit these to games that are sold digitally.

It just so happens full throttle was one of the only titles on that list that cant be :(

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Just look up Full Throttle download in Google and scummvm, and if it haunts your conscience too much for some silly reason just make a note to buy it if it ever stops being abandonware.

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I'm here! Woooo!

It's like we're all part of the same biker gang, guys!

The Brütal Riders?

The Psychonaughts?

Grim Fangamers?

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Thoughts after the first group session:


- Voice acting is great as always.

- Art style very appropriate to the genre.

- I love how the game doesn't get heavy-handed with the setting details - what details we get, we pick up on by inference. Nicely done.

- Being able to contemplate kicking anything you see is great.


- The fighting. Dear goodness the fighting. Possibly the worst feature I've seen in any game with Tim's name on it. It feels incredibly arbitrary and even though it's essentially a puzzle in matching weapons to riders, it's still really fiddly, at least until you get the chainsaw. I think the big problem is that it just doesn't give you enough feedback - there's no health bars to let you know whether what you're doing is even having an effect on the other person, and in general it's rarely clear why one thing fails and one thing succeeds. If Ben said something like "Maybe I should use something with more reach" (or whatever) when he gets up after the fight then that would at least be a hint. Plus it just takes so LONG. Frankly, it feels like an attempt to pad the game out. I know fighting feels necessary to a game about a tough biker dude but a) there's plenty of violence you can do outside of the context of those bike fights (see: nosering), and b) it just doesn't feel anywhere near as good as the fighting in, say, Road Rash. The team simply weren't playing to their strengths on this front. And worst of all, it's mandatory. :(

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