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TJ White

Music from your childhood

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So Tim's idea really hit home for me when he mentions a game about coming of youth. The 1st thing that came to my mind is music. What else mattered more to a kid growing up?

Question is...what band(s) do remember best from your childhood?

Post it here, & let's see what we come up with. Hey! Ho! Let's go!


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This is random, and not a band, but I'm only 22 so music I have fond memories of has a lot to do with video games. This song in particular sticks out to me from my youth:

You know, it might be weird, but hearing the music from Banjo Kazooie/Tooie really brings back the nostalgia pangs. Sometimes I really wish Grant Kirkhope would be hired by Double Fine because I could see the two being a match made in heaven. Although, the music in Kingdoms of Amalur is absolutely fantastic.


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Ooo, this is fun.

I'm not that old yet, so the most memorable music from my childhood might not seem so childhoodish.

A lot of the music I liked as a child I don't like anymore too; the stuff I still like is probably mostly from around middle school or high school. There are the songs from my childhood that I still like listening to now, and there are the ones that I don't listen to frequently but have a nostalgic value.

Daft Punk:

Around the World

One More Time

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

A whole bunch of Barenaked Ladies:

Testing 1 2 3


If I Had a Million Dollars

Brian Wilson

One Week

Falling for the First Time

The intro song to Babar the Elephant King

These 2 are songs that I think quickly grab people's attention and make them think "Oh, I remember that song! I love that song!"

Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

General Public - Tenderness

Hikaru Utada - Simple and Clean

Hikaru Utada - Hikari

I guess I'm done here for now. I like listing songs I know and like. I could go on and find lots more songs but those were the ones that came to mind somewhat quickly.

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At the time I was introduced to Day of the Tentacle I listened to Aladdin soundtrack, Lion King soundtrack, The Phantom of the Opera, The Cranberries :D

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I've always liked music, but almost everything I was listening to wasn't very memorable for multiple reasons.

And then I played Mega Man X. :coolsmirk:

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Hey Ritchie.Thai,

Around the world.



I'm not complaining, but I will say that I'm a little confused about what you're trying to communicate to me. If you're giving me a link to a song a like, all of the songs I listed are surely on Youtube.

If you're just saying you also like that song, again, :D!

Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger is another song I like and I knew of long enough ago to consider it something from my childhood, but it doesn't have the same feeling of romanticized childhood fantasy for me. I guess part of that is the fact that I heard at a slightly older age and on the internet, not on the radio many times when I was very young.

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It wasn't coming of YOUTH...

it was Coming of AGE... that point when we start really seeing the world as our own kind of person, that we control destiny as much as it controls us... when we really start noticing the consequences of our actions.

Those true growing ages when we leave our adolescence and become a teenager leading to young adulthood. 13-17. That's where he's talking of based on his use of word in the video itself.

I'm 34... I was born in 1977. My earliest music loves were Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Cheap Trick...I became a glam head throughout the 80's with Crue, Poison, Skid Row, but

in 1990 when I turned 13 years old I felt I needed to pay attention the music that was actually coming out that was new and this was the music that REALLY started formulating my furtive brain and felt it really cemented by 1993 even though I kept evolving.





Oh and just in case you think you got a lock on that mind?



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Speaking of coming of age, that reminds me of what is in my opinion one of the best coming of age stories of all time (the other one is Catcher in the Rye). FLCL. And, it also had amazing music!

Now that I think of it, I think all the songs I posted earlier are from pre-high school, because I saw FLCL in high school and it does not have a childhood memories feel to me. It's still amazing though, and I've got adrenaline pumping just thinking about it. I can feel it going through my body right now and it feels great. Or maybe it's some other chemical.

I'll just list some of my favourite songs form FLCL, anyway, and it's all by a band called The Pillows.

These are my three favourites, not only from the show but from all time:

Last Dinosaur

Hybrid Rainbow

Funny Bunny

These are also good:

I Think I Can

Runner's High


Every remaining song from that show is also good.

Edit: And here are some clips from Youtube. Or just the one, actually.

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Oh my god you just made 34 feel old!

Fooly Cooly came out just when I finished COLLEGE!

Btw, I was thinking about coming of age and attaching it to Tim.

We know his LOVE in 70's metal... BUT he was 13 in 1980! The music that was popular around him was Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Blondie, Queen...

So imagine if whoever ends up doing the music uses Tim's coming of age as the influence to developing the music. Since it SOUNDS like we'll be getting something in the world of both Space and Castles the year really owes itself to this.

Especially if the entire game opened with THIS! or something inspired by it...


A long way to go to the border of Mexico indeed....

and with the boy/girl concept... what better way to end than with something like this?


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Nothing else has shaped me artistically quite like Donkey Kong Country, both its visuals and its music. The work of David Wise is some of the best I've heard of anything period.



I still get goosebumps when I listen to either one of these.

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