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Who's working on the game?

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Hello guys, I'd like to know who's working on the game besides Ron and Jean Paul LeBreton.

Art direction? Music? Programming? Animation?

We all feel part of the Double Fine family after the Kickstarter wrap-up party, you know. :-)

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DF please correct me if I get any of this wrong or if get anyone's name wrong!

[del]Based on various threads/updates, we can confirm at least this much so far:[/del]

[del]Lee Petty - Art Director


[del]Nathan Stapley aka "Bagel" - Artist[/del]

[del]Oliver Franzke - Programmer[/del]

[del]Brandon Dillon - Programmer[/del]

[del]Anna Kipnis - Programme[/del]r

[del]Nathan Martz - Studio TD (part-time help on DFA)[/del]

[del]Malena Annable - Voice/localization producer (presumably)[/del]

[del]Tim Schafer - Writer, Project Leader[/del]

[del]Ron Gilbert - Criticizing Tim's work (presumably)[/del]

Oops! That's for DFA. Hang on. We know some Cave stuff, too. Brb.

Okay... let's try this again. We can confirm THESE people are working on The Cave:

JP LeBreton - Designer

Lydia Choy - Technical Artist

Dave Russell - Character Artist

Ben Peck - Programmer

Bert Chang - gameplay programmer

Elliot Roberts - Lead Animator

Malena Annable - Voice/Localization Producer (presumably)

Jane Ng - Lead Artist

Ron Gilbert - Project Leader/Grumpy person

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