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Tim Schafer

Writing Update #3: Let's brainstorm Locations together!

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-on the sun

-inside a picasso painting or van gough world

-inside pandoras box

-inside the internet

-life inside a weird cult like scientology

-a world where familiar characters from the game are all transformed into animals representing their personalities, e.g a gluten character is now a pig,

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In my worst nightmare, where my favourite bunny-teddy-bear was the most frightening thing in the world

A place where nothing wears a face

Addition: oh, and a place where everything looks like the world of the most excellent game Psychonauts

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In an endless hallway filled with doors of different shapes and sizes (or mirrors that work as doors)

Sunday (the concept)

The iceberg that rammed the titanic (actually a camouflaged alien attack ship)

University of applied misdirection.

Library of lost books.

A graveyard for forgotten inventions.

Voodoo equipment shop

My apartment.

An imaginary submarine (if you stop believing in it, it disappears)

The forbidden city in Beijing.

The worlds deepest subway

An adverb inventors workshop

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- A closed museum (Clasical, but I love places with lots of elements)

- A teen's room

- An old train.

- A political speech.

- The always loved Old misterious mansions...

- A supermarket...

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At least one of these (or something similar) was already mentioned, but anyways:

- at the edge / outside the universe

- a world which is essentially a giant ship on a water world

- a place where everyone has only one sense (smell, touch/feel, see, hear), but none of the others. Or where the senses are distributed in another fashion (ie. one group can see and smell, the other can feel and hear, etc.)

- a place which is initially (almost) blank (to the player), but fills when the protagonist hears about things, i.e. someone mentioning places, objects, people. This can be expanded to the inhabitants knowing only parts of their world, meaning everyone just sees/interacts with what they know

- this one is kind of stolen ;) : a theater play. Everything is a prop and the inhabitants are all actors, but behave as if it were a real world. This is only obvious to the protagonist, meaning a person "speaking aside" is only "heard" by the player, even if there are other persons around.

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a death or black metal concert

server room


mom's closet

korean arcade center

starcraft tournament


university for village idiots (the one where you get a handful of mud into your face and a kick in the head)

surface of a donut

underground drug junkie hideout

the club of people that engage in folding papers in half


a various set of kids makebelieve worlds of the two characters through which they can interact, even if they live on the opposite sides of the world

also knickers

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The biggest toolshed. Junk, generators, sawhorses. Lovingly shined wood and metalwork projects just feet away from long neglected corners filled with thick cobwebs and the corpses of insects and small mammals. A birdhouse nobody's needed or wanted to use for years. Large squirrels incapable of compassion.

Or just rehash Donkey Kong Country 2's hive archetype because that was awesome and I don't think it's been done since.

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How about...

inside a piano!

Watch out for those hammers coming down (someone must be playing Chopin)!

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-A world where every one is a overly energetic mascots.

-Tiny world- (anywhere between holly snikes a ameba, to this pencil is as tall as i am)

-World of the rich poor (Everyone is extremely wealthy but will ONLY spend their own money on extremely extravagant unnecessary things. I think it would be strange to see a man dressed in rags and a victorian top hat with a gold plated MP3 player replica (Doesn't actually work) siting in his cardboard box smiling with his half gold plated half missing teeth)

-pitch black sound world people only see using sound (visible colorful silhouette sound waves emit from all things making sound)

-Inside a renewable power plant, Powered by cows poop, While it is being protested by a angry mob of farmers in need of cow manure to fertilise their crops, before the harvest season.

Hope it helps

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the inside of a pumpkin

-All those sticky strings and seeds. Ugh, makes me shiver. I like carving pumpkins, but the cleaning of them makes me feel like I am field dressing an animal.

the inside of a watch/clock

-one of those great mechanical masterpieces, not the silly battery operated ones

a child's marionette stage

-marionettes are creepy.

the inside of a doll house

-also a little creepy

a bottling plant

- I don't know- conveyor belts!

a beauty pageant

-enough said

a mini person in the studio of an extremely frustrated artist!

-running away from brush bristles, avoiding stamping feet and tantrums, aaah!

in a 16 bit colored world.

-making eyes bleed is fun

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+ in a big tree house

+ inside a snow globe

+ in a big cave in the center of the earth

+ inside a cloud

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- any prog-rock album cover. must have shiny chrome orbs.

- Fractal world (pretty self explanatory I think)

-A world where everyone is given advice by a computer with really high anxiety.

- an inter-dimensional DMZ or neutral zone.

-The robot registries office. The place to renew your robot operators license and register your robot pal.

- the idea graveyard. Where all the half-thought out, incomplete and discarded ideas go.

-Free writing world. A world that's constantly being created in a stream of consciousness

-city built on the back of depressed giant robot. city is built around trying to cheer this robot up so it can fight enemy yetis.

- Something based on Hindu mythology

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-Mariachi's training camp


-Wes Anderson world (dry and bright)

-Inside Raz's mind



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And a world full of optical illusions

+1 for M.C. Escher-esque world.

Also, this. Thinking of the Guatemala occurrence (buildings getting sucked in the ground). But it might only be scary when it's real, seeing it in a game (or movie, etc) might have a lot less effect.

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- A mansion based on the Skywalker Ranch!

- An Island full of monkeys and pirates

- Roads and gangs of bikers

- Ice level

- A talking cave

Now, seriously:

A world where it is always night, but not dark... just night. Calm night in the country where you listen to the silence, home lights always on, people rarely leave their homes... And the city... the downtown has movement, but not that much, bars always opened, jazz and blues can be listend on the streets... and the sun never comes... But why? Duno... maybe it's gone for some reason... or the Earth stopped... or even the time stand still... or something simpler: it's 7:00PM, there are more 8 hours for the sun to come and the mission in this level takes 3 hours to be done... NIGHT! Just... nightttttttttt...

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Are you brave enough to do....


With funky space-muslim repeating pattern architecture, Space-mosques, astronaut-hijab-suits, and a space-carpet transportation system.

You could call it middle-space eastern colony if you didn't want to use the term muslim....

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Allright, from the twisted mind of... well... me, here comes a few places off the top of my head.

- a hellish japanese herb garden / fast food restaurant that desperately tries to make celibacy look cool.

- an underwater atlantis-like city run by superintelligent man-sized oysters. Except instead of pearls, they each have unique, individual items that make them able to identify each other as individuals.

- a zero-gravity ball room. Imagine floating, fancy people trying to keep their champagne from falling out of their glasses.

- a duck pond where you can toss money into the pond, and the ducks will collectively give you a foot massage as a thank you. They don't accept coins.

- a company that buys stupid ideas and sells them off to cheap comedy writers. The dumbest ideas can be worth fortunes.

- a great park with a monument honoring all people who've died watching that very monument over the years. Stonecutters are constantly adding new pieces to it, thinking it will one day be as big as the park itself.

- the office of a company that works with creating new characters for the alphabet. They're not having a very great success, due to a failing marketing division. There is simply no demand for their product. Their rival company, however, is flourishing after the success of their stupid umlaut.

- a wizard's tower, except the wizard is simply a great accountant, and the interior reflects this appropriately. A fantastic accountant. He's got a really cool robe, and some neat sandals.

- a meteor mining company. They draw meteors down from the sky (through some pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumo) for their employees to harvest for rich minerals. They have some of the rarest metals in the world.

What do you guys think? I can come up with a few more, if you want! :)

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-a place where everyone is extremely small compared to the environment

-persian carpet level

-obligatory desert level >:[

-grainy black and white "radio" level where everyone sounds like they were recorded by old, cruddy microphones. something like edward r murrow's wwII radio broadcasts. I just like aesthetic a lot, it's charming

-branching from that, silent film level

-a world where everyone is nomadic

-world of tropes

-a world 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, where the existence of zombies is just banal and systemized to everyone still alive

-wooly level

-level which is just some guy's house

-the land of yelling

-a world illuminated from the ground, so shadows are cast on the clouds

-world which has been sewn together from felt

-a city inside a cello

-city made by Ikea

-censored level

-a world which is buffering really slowly, and gets printed out and rendered as you move around because you are faster, as an outsider, than it expected


-The Land of Adults as anticipated by kids

-spontaneous musical level

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- A world with cotton candy trees

- A world that is too small for the main character

- Inside of a cake while being baked

- Traveling through veins... the character is so small that is riding on blood cells

- Where Sasquatch leaves... the world is covered in fur!

- Running around inside a block of swiss cheese

- Underground in the ants' cave

- Morocco!!

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