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Tim Schafer

Writing Update #3: Let's brainstorm Locations together!

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A city in the sky sitting on a giant kite. No, thousands of small kites! No, a small number of kites that move under peoples' feet!

A land of no land, just falling.

A village built in the eyebrows of a narcoleptic giant.

The forest of really heavy mushrooms, with the problem of spontaneously collapsing trees.

A crystal house that projects shadow puppets from direct sunlight. Maybe just a world inhabited by shadow puppets.


Opposite land.

Opposite land's opposite land or "same world" where everything is opposite to opposite land but in a slightly different way. eg. Gravity works in the opposite direction, but everything's upside-down. Cats chase dogs, but they run backwards. Everything's on fire, but fire is cold. Scaly birds swim underwater and feathered fish fly. I could go on.

Ninja village that's seemingly uninhabited.

Firework forest.

Point-and-click planet, where flocks of cursors keep telling you what to do.

Puppet forest. A place where the inhabitants are puppets hanging from trees, or more accurately, smart ventriloquist trees with puppets. Maybe with jack-in-the-box seeds.

[del]Land of the dead.[/del] (no, too clichéd)

Soup volcano.

Mirror world that's impossible to enter because mirror-you is in the way. Also, vampires don't exist.

Backwards world, where you have to disassemble useful items and return their components back to their original owners.

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A room made of brains that fart out ideas.

A meadow of candy.

A fur-lined room shaped like a bear.

A cave whose walls are water and has lakes of quick dry cement.

An upside down giant lamp that you thought was a rocket.

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An area that's like the grooves of a gramophone record in the ground: natural depressions in a spiral around a mesa with a spire in the middle.

What was a coral reef before the water all went away, leaving the coral to somehow fossilized/petrified to be used as the buildings of a desert city.

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Some random ideas

-A green house in the desert

-Castle on the moon

-The pages of a pop-up book

-An alien game show (with bizarre alien questions)

-Super villains lair, but plush since he got married and the wife decorated

-The set of a sitcom where the player ends up being a guest star

-A church filled with cult members

-A world made of rainbows, but there is a place without colour. A place that is forbidden.

-A detention facility filled with children that have done "naughty" things such as pranks or swearing!

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A hollow mountain with a spiraling rock formation in the middle with several small lakes on the spiraling rock with waterfalls down to the bottom of the hollow mountain forming one large lake, and you can't see a thing if you go inside during the day, just a few feet of rock from the entrance and the edge of the lake, so it looks like just a small cave with some water. But at night the whole cave is lit up with tons of fireflies that illuminate the whole thing revealing that it's 10x bigger and all it's majestic beauty. Fireflies' reflections on all the waterfalls and lakes could look like stars.

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-The stump of what used to be the World Tree, now home to a nation of world tree people. Everything is wood. All of it. Especially that.

-The stomach of a massive, sleeping, flying space sloth. Turtles and whales are so passé, you know. (Just don't wake up the sloth.)

-In a candy kingdom, a Liquorice Barony. Think hammer horror, except everything is liquorice and darker candies. Candy corn vampires sup the syrup of the living.

-A carpet store wherein every kind of rug or carpet is found, complete with accessories. Buy an entire award ceremony! Discover the enigmatic Carpet People!

-Spaceship Traffic Jam. You need to hop or fly between different ships to get places.

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- Inside the mind of a quiet, introverted character. Inside it's a humongous labyrinth with a huge number of doors and caverns.

- Inside the laboratory of a suicidal but immortal mad scientist. He is trying to create robots and other science experiments that he hopes will go on to try to kill him. As in, he creates sentient vaccuum cleaners that are afraid of germs so that it will want revenge, and he programs a sentient AI and gives it free will and access to every system in his fortress, that sort of thing. But he always fails because they all go on to learn to live under their circumstances anyways. Like the AI just goes on to develop a video-game addiction, cuz' isn't that what most people wanna do when they attain free will?

- Inside an RPG village that only has 18 inhabitants and is the only village in existence. Two countries have been at war trying to conquer it for centuries just so they could call themselves an "Empire".

- A Evvvvvviiiilll council has an issue. They're electricity has went out! They can't see what's happening in their meeting room at all, people keep on stepping on other people's toes, they're mistaking one person for another because some people's voices sound the same....etc etc. So now it's up to you to search their fortress in the dark and fix their electricity.

- Newfoundland. I love their accents. Hahahaha

- A town that recently had a bunch of cerebrospinal fluid and brains fall out of the sky. It happens pretty often so nobody really takes much notice but the main character does when a brain falls into their soup.

- A kennel for former experimented on and now currently supernatural animals, (Pavlov's Dog, Schrodinger's Cat that still continues to flicker in and out of existence, countless mice and rats that have incredible memories or can glow in the dark)

- A Sewer Kingdom, a massive kingdom had huge waste problems, so they made a massive sewer network underneath their city. Another city sprang up down there when the poor and downtrodden started to migrate their and they started their own government.

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i haven't bothered to read anyone elses post but Tim's at the beginning of this thread but here goes for my idea's.

- pitch black room

- room filled with gas

- outside a space station

- inside a human cell (talking to DNA etc for the puzzle)

- meteor crater

- inside and outside a space telescope (the ones with the big dishes)

- a bubble gum factory (soft drink can gas factory where they put the bubbles in the drink)

- 57th level of hell, where the devil sits in a spa yelling orders to the demons on various levels around him

- misty's diner (or as i like to refer to it, food hell on earth ; )

- inside a grain silo

- a wool shed

- the workshop of a man that repairs time travel machines

- inside a giant bird (moving around from organ to organ to meet different people)

- the dark side of the universe (where everything is in inverse colours)

- the inside of a double fine backers mind

- inside Tim Schafer's beard

- a government department building where there's a huge queue where people has been lined up thier whole lives (must deliver a baby here)

- inside the real matrix (two nerds playing pong)

- an empty room with only a box in it and a dead man 100 metres away

- a lion's fancy dress party where the guest of honour is a gazelle eating a human

- a bank vault that stores lollies

- the valve studios building

- a chemists hobby room

- a sane scientists lab (as opposed to a mad scientists lab, showing that even the "sane" are insane)

- a collectomanic's mansion

- the oval office during the cuban missile crisis

- deadwood in the year 4009

- a home for reformed crazy glue and the things its stuck too

- museum of unnatural history

- the crossroads

- death's mansion (see Terry Pratchett's work)

- slow motion world

- reverse world

- pack n save

- eketahuna

- on top of the smallest mountain in the world

- on the body of a flea infested dog

- inside a belly button full of lint

- Shaw st, sensibleville

- a recreational battlefield

- a hand made pin factory

- Jimmy carter's bathroom

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- the edge of the world/universe

- inside a perpetual motion machine

- a shark's dentist's office

- the afterlife show

- trapped inside a porta loo (portable toilet)

- an australian bar (a real one but filled with koala's and kangaroo's and snakes and spiders and stuff)

- inside youtube

- one of googles server farms

- an ant farm

- twitter's announcement centre where every twitter is displayed once one a giant screen and there's nothing else in the white room

- poppadam factory

- inside a trench/in a helicopter/inside a tank/ on a battlefield in a nerf gun war

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- a line outside an apple store

- a sweat shop (literally a shop that sells sweat from different people/animals)

- inside a magic eye picture

- inside a ship inside a bottle

- inside a slow globe

- a room with a giant trophy for just competing

- second chance saloon

- a world where people have to dance to communicate

... i could go all night but i'm going to stop now, sorry for the brain spasm lol

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- a level where everytime you make a decision a little angel and a little devil appear on ur sholders and u have to choose which one to follow to progress then they betrate u if u get it wrong

sorry i'll stop now i swear

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I have a habit of taking tons of photos. One of the stranger subjects I look out for is 'things that look like scenes or objects from another world.' Here are a few that might be useful.

A lot of these were taken in Crete. They have exotic things there like 'figs' and 'cacti.' The last one is some kind of root but I thought it would make great alien trees. I imagined the cacti being tree scale also.







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A Concert, make it a DJ set!

and how bout a different art style whenever the main characters are directly interacting in the areas pertaining to their other gender contemporaries, give you guys a chance to take on more artists and spread the load on the art that would have to be done to complete the ending portions of the game.

or w/e

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Intergalactic traffic jam. Most of the gameplay would involve honking the horn and wondering how in the heck there could be a traffic jam in the infinite recesses of space.

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Hi Tim, I love scifi and I would really love to see, that the boy visits different, fantastic planets/worlds during his journey.

Each of them with problems / issues of them own. Themes could be society, nature, organisation etc.

And it would be really beautiful, if the boy could change the worlds to a better place so he makes a really difference in the universe without noticing. That way, the relationship between him and sacrifice girl could also be more interesting. -Since she needs to be sacrificed but run away from that problem and he s a problem solver.

But back to the scifi ideas:

If you find iceworlds are tempting...do an Icecream world that is suffering under global warming. Turning the tasty ice into melted non usable sweets. No one likes melted icecream. hahaha.

A huge, small world.

A Planet with constantly changing gravity inhabiting giant gravity creatures & tiny low gravity creatures living ontop.

two totally different societies: tinies are being suppressed by giant ones. Close to cold war etc.

There s one problem that threatens the heavies existence. Only the tiny, weaklings can help them.

-nice storyarc for social behavior, being kind to weaker ones etc.

Player has to convince both parties to save each other.

Fast Forward World.

A Planet that is turning too fast. The char needs a device to actually talk to people, because they are so high pitched and fast, he can t understand them... nether can they understand him.

-Quick night and day changes with puzzles attached to night and daytime.

Characters could change during night and day cycles. -Timing based puzzles

Storyarc here: Our current society being too stressfull and fast.

This is a bit star trekkie techy: a giant Dyson Sphere built around a star.

Inside black hole

After being sucked into a black hole, the boy discovers, that there is a "universal repair company" that is putting stars out of commission to repair them (the universal view of changing light bulbs).

They hide them under huge black shells.

In Jupiters Eye.

Nothing to improve here...just pure awesomeness being in the epicenter of this gigantic, eternal storm on Jupiter.

Maybe there s a society that is constantly moving along with the eye of the storm (the only place where there is no destruction.)

All buildings etc. could be matched. -> Walking houses for example.

The inter-universal busstop.

A Bus Station were people wait for transportation.

Busses are Meteors being shot into atmosphere of other planets -> every shootingstar on the night sky is a bus from another galaxy.

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Intergalactic traffic jam. Most of the gameplay would involve honking the horn and wondering how in the heck there could be a traffic jam in the infinite recesses of space.

That's a really cool idea!

Hm, maybe on a canal flowing in land? Like the backgrounds get busy and busier as the level progresses until you make it to the city. You have to undo the canal lock and stuff. This may sound like it's been done to death but how about a library level? The thing I love about Libararys is they have so many secret places!

Or maybe a village/suburbia level and the longer you stay there and the more to speak to the villagers the more gossip spreads about you and the wilder and wilder it gets every time you return. I'm not sure why Suicide Girl or Space Boy would have to be there but it could be interesting.

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Underground, in a victorian['s] bunker.

A criminal's kitchen.

The transvestite major's office [and adjacent, locked boudoir].

A huge outdoor space like the Yorkshire Moors - "breathtakingly beautiful scenery, including vast expanses of open moorland, dramatic sea cliffs, sudden escarpments and hidden valleys" www.yorkshiremoors.co.uk

At a code-breakers convention.

At a party of drunken psychologists.

On the border, harassing the border guards who don't speak your language.

Inside your dream, which you think is really my dream.

The waiting room & reception at your doctors [you really should change doctors; they're quite sadistic you know].

The alternative reality that you go into when you are put in a queue on hold on the telephone.

Inside a small ticket cubicle that sells tickets for a maze [ie like Hampton Garden Maze].

The place you go when you take the pills described in "White Rabbit."

The alternative reality where people say what they really mean.

Sharing a house with a lion [not really recommended].

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a human zoo run by insects

a world of gnomes/goblins accessed through a school locker

a retired clowns back alley hangout

a setting in which there is a constant carnival (fireworks going off, only carnival food to eat) and the denizens are absolutely sick and tired of it

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Hmm locations for things?

A smooth jazz type music club only the owner and patrons are all spiders and the owner/lead singer sounds like ella fitzgerald

A land of giant flowers and giant friendly bees

a meeting place for those who love putting ranch dressing on everything

A restaurant that smells of fresh baked breads and good times

thats all i have in my brain parts for now

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(Kinda of cheezy) Giant World were you are small

Inside some disturbing Creature's Stomach


GreenLand(does any even live here?)




Will that is all I got for now I hope more people will agree with me :D (if anyone brothers reading this)

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