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Tim Schafer

Writing Update #3: Let's brainstorm Locations together!

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In a world full of automatons

A kaleidoscope

A food cupboard

Inside-out world

A world where people speak using musical instruments

Inside a piano

Plankton/algae world

In Crispin Glovers brain.

Woodstock 1969

Grateful Deads house

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The inside of a jukebox but a cool one like in shining time station

A peanut butter cup factory ( the happiest place on earth

The inside of a giant clock (its been done but clocks rules and there are different kinds of clocks)

A road trip level wherein you drive in a straight line in real time for hours ala desert bus

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High School or something similiar? How many games have there been with a setting/level like that?

A resort with lots of annoying young people with way more money than they deserve - scary stuff

A police station - Cause Police Quest 1 is awesome, not CSI stuff though, but something less ridiculous.

A Tenacious D consert - lots of creepy people during those, I have seen pictures.

A synth band consert

The olympics?

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Inside of a pocket watch

A black & white world filled with lots of hard shadows (noir-esque)

Anything involving Norse Mythology

Water droplets suspended in mid-air (or water dripping upwards)

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- A level like Brutal Legend but replace the Heavy Metal them with a free-form smooth Jazz theme.

- A level full of shameless knock-off characters of other games (ex. Max Tame, Commander Leopard, Lara Soft)

- A level full of cutaway jokes that nobody under 50 will get.

- A secret cow level

- A level where everyone is dressed as a clown

- A level where the song Tubthumping by Chumbawamba plays on repeat (makes more sense near end of game)

- Obligatory Dragon fight level

- And of course, the level where you find out the villain is your father.

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Inside a whale. But not just any whale, a whale that travels through time and space.

Think Moby Dick plus Doctor Who.

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*supernatural jazzy dark ghoststory a la them betty boop/cab calloway ones, but less cartoony and more ghostlike, like

*cheese house/world/cave

*sandcastle world. (castle defence mini-game! seawater coming in and little enemies. help the royal couple defend their home.)

*scifi - colonized astroidbelt, every house could be in/on its own satellite with traffic inbetween and occasional collisions

*eternal cliffhanger (that thing in movies where in every cut everything seems to move back a little bit so that it could be "just about to hit" for longer...stuck in that moment)

*submarine on standby under icesheet (forgotten after the war ended)

*planet that is all one creature - not like "gaia" but like a massive blubber ball with tentacles and little heads and teet and mouths everywhere. has a funky personality. travel around by being eaten and pooped out elsewhere on the world. inhabited by little parasites who denies the creature is alive and aware.

*fairytale kingdom in a lake, upside down like an inverted snowdome.



*smoky world, everything keeps changing shape. (not like "whoa dude" people on a bench somewhere). completely un-programmable


*short-lived bubble worlds (like bubbles in a carbonated liquid, a boiling universe) with nomadic interdimensional people moving in between to continue to live.

*world with shorter and longer cycles of various things/properties, like ours with years and days but with other stuff...eeh. like...shapes...and...ah. music and...patterns and themes. kind of like psychedelic/pop-art buddhism.

*room(s) in a tower high, high above the world, almost in space, and no way down. built for some sinister purpose...like...having a really high tower.

*the room is a cold bath, with little glowing plankton floating about like stars... you play as a pen*s and the world keep expanding around you. and theres music that you cant hear.

...too mainstream? d'oh!

time to stop. brainstorming is creepy

EDIT: sorry the images were so large...aaaggh. fixed?

EDIT2: add

* place (close to river? or from rains) being or having been flooded, with ordinary stuff floating around in this new environment, and above the surface having people and animals trying to settle atop trees and whatnot. already been done plenty in the likes of winnie-the-pooh and moomin amongst others, but its a nice setting. could also be a house/whatever flooded up like an aquarium. (maybe in bad taste now, post tsunami and everything.)

*bat-city. not actually with bats but everything hangs from the ceiling with the stalactites: houses and people/creatures. pitiless bottom below. protagonist is seen by inhabitants as a weird upside down creature. at least they dont have a problem with waste and rubbish.

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A powerpoint / Comics Sans level, where you are traped in bad design choices

A world defined/synced to the music

An escher world of illusion

An FMV world where everything looks like a human sitcom and is backed with pre recorded laughter

A tear drop rolling on itself world where you need to escape before the tear falls of the cheek

A crazy train world where a ghost train tries to escape an haunted prison

Hope that helps,


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The farm where they rear animals for near-future fast food restaurants, after the corporate board has gone on an "ethical farming" kick. They might be terrifying mutant blobs of flesh, but they're free-range, happy mutant blobs of flesh!

The world implied by the board came Monopoly - a land where slum barons knock down tenements to build luxury hotels on a whim, where boots go to jail and tiny dogs can be property moguls.

A hippy commune that's been going strong for decades. The kids are rebelling against their parents' traditional hippy values by dressing in business suits and turning off, tuning out, and dropping in.

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In Europa's (possible) ocean, under miles of ice... Wait. That's literally an "ice world," isn't it?

Inside a pinball machine.

At the beginning of our universe.

Within a conscious dolphin society.

A writer's room/the news room for a sitcom/hard-hitting local news, except everyone's a lemur.

On the surface of someone's skin, being chased by dust mites, having to avoid bacteria...

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-> A living, moving mountain that you could butcher.

-> A city stuck forever in a war disguised as a carnival.

-> Dreams, deep down in the ocean, that get flooded as you wake up.

Any place described in Serge Brussolo's books,

-> A spider tea house.

-> A post-office near a black hole.

-> Belgium


do you know hop many games i don't buy because they have spiders in. double fine are better than that

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My favourite ones out of the ones I thought of just now:

The place where sea turtles go to lay their eggs, except the turtles have become sentient and the whole place is very ritual like with torches and statues and whatnot.

A dystopian version of the My Little Pony world where everybody has been turned into ponies and they're depressed and forced to sing songs occasionally to entertain people who want to go to the My Little Pony world.

A rave. A real rave. Not like those clubs and parties with flashy lights even if it's outdoors. Apparently real raves don't exist anymore. Supposedly they take place in open fields or abandoned warehouses with no flashy lighting systems because those are expensive.

- - - - - - - - - -

The other ones:

One of those flashy dance parties that are not raves.

A Rubik's cube world where the world itself is a Rubik's cube and everybody is obsessed with Rubik's cubes.

A candy factory. But a real one, not Wonka's.

Wonka's candy factory.

Ponyville from My Little Pony. Talking ponies included.

Canterlot from My Little Pony. Talking ponies included.

An olive garden. Not the restaurant. I love olives.

The house of the guy who has 99 restraining orders against him, and is in the process of getting his 100th one.

A playground.

A slayground, where people are slain.

A sleighground, where people ride their sleighs.

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- A room where everything is giant, and you are small.

- A MELTING Ice Room.

- A Trinitrotoluene factory.

- A forest where there is no sound. (No dialogue, SFX, music etc.)

- A Liquid Nitrogen volcano.

- A black hole.

- The Hexagon (Like the pentagon, but with more sides!)

- Band Camp.

- Skyrim.

- My house.


- I second the idea for a world of illusion. (Though it was sort of done in S&M Hit the Road).

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On saturn ring's

In a FMV world (like the double fine office, with video cutscenes).

In a radiator (trough all the process).

In an horrible world were everything is "cute".

In a world with acid everywhere, where people need to collect rain water to drink.

A world where rainbows are comestible, and people need to catch them to eat.

The future like it was imagined in the 80's (like Back to the future, or blade runner)

On a planet who exploded (on a small piece of earth, with almost no gravity).

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An accounting firm employed by octopi with the Kraken as the head of the department.

The land that is truly "Down Under," Everything happens to be upside down, where the sky is the ocean and the civilization happens to be built on giant upside down trees.

Inside a Giant's closet. Populated by shoes, skeletons, children's toys and dustbunnies.

A giant mechanical clock in a mountain.

The land of Tarot, where esoteric things happen depending on alignments of anything. Filled with very superstitious tarot characters who believe in astrology, crystals and the spaghetti monster.

A tall crystal mountain range with large number of zip lines crisscrossing, suspending a small town in the air, powered by the lightning strikes on the peaks.

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-A museum of old people who are still alive

-A zero gravity cathedral for a religion worshipping the divine element of mundane objects

-A house designed by a child

-An adventure playground for adults

-A bedroom floating through a dangerous city at night

-The garden of earthly delights

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A fire world that's actually just a regular town full of people who have bad fire safety habits and full of firemen trying to put all the fires out.

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sorry I'm not in a verry creative mood this is all i could come up with for now:

-puppet furry world

-shrink and grow in a world

-slow motion/fast forwad world (yes i realy want a relativity puzzel)

-double fine studios

-art nuvo theam

-art deco theam

-mount olympus esk god hang out (by noverhearing conversations they could drop hints for the rest of the game)

-safe house for mutants whith out super powers in a world of super heroes and villans

- a gender switched playboy house

-on top of a giant button

-moulin rouge

-a chearleading squad for a gladiator pit to the death

-glidator pillow fight

-edinburgh fringe festival

-double vision optical ilusions (so everything changes when you look at it in diferant ways. i'm thinkin of the duck rabit ilution in particular, sometimes a duck sometimes a rabit)

-transforming robots

-a full sized fot made of pillows and blankets

-a bedroom sized fort made of pillows blankets

-a suport group for super villans

-rom com world (where everone is constantly makeing overly romantic jestures non stop)

-iambic pentamita level (not shakespear somewhere else)

-punch line world (everyone tals in oneliners)

-glitter world

-a boat wherte people download ileagel stuff


-pre cog museam

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Holy crap you guys are full of ideas. I should have smacked this piñata earlier.

Keep 'em coming!

A place inhabited by talking pinatas who are constantly afraid of the "El Nino!" (which is basically a 7ft tall guy who never grew up).

Inside a freezer (it's not an ice level :P )

The land of abandoned arcade games, inhabited with the "lesser known" characters like the orphaned Pac-kid, the peaceful Space Visitors, and the not-as-infamous Mule Kong.

The Dinosaur's Club Rex: a beach resort located on Venus filled with dino-tourists. Shhh! Don't tell them that those pesky mammals have moved into their old homes on Earth.

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- A candy/chocolate world melting under hot sun

- A Fractal World or a world with non-Euclidean geometry in general

- Inside a snake's internal organs

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I always loved the locations in Sam & Max. Weird, bizarro-versions of (rural) America have something magical. I would love to see more of that in games.

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- A british Gentlemen's club where older and younger versions of yourself come together.

- Camouflage world: everything you see is actually something different in disguise.

- Murder and Intrigue at the Grand Vizier convention.

- Inside a woman's handbag.

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I was watching an animated movie called The King and The Mocking Bird (Le Roi et l'oiseau). It was set in a castle out in a barren wasteland, BUT! It was such a magnificently huge, multi-tiered castle that it was hard not to find it inspiring, even though castles are a common thing in games. I'd like to visit something like that. It's a bit like the entire setting for Machinarium, actually. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same place.

I always liked the idea of things that lived on the horizons of landscape shots, as if they were the actual normal size for them. Bit like they were giants, but there's a clear separation of the player from the landscape in terms of perspective. Dunno how that would work exactly, but if anyone can do it it's you lot!

How about a world of water spheres where players had to travel from one to the other whenever they collided, Newton's Cradle-like?

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Some Ideas:

- A place you have to "connect the numbers" to build the location

- A place you can build the location on your own and everything you

need for is in your inventory

- A "pop-up-book-world" where you can pull tabs to transform the scene

- The primeval soup

- A place where you and the stuff around you free falling,

because there is no ground

- Inside a snow globe

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A land that has been enslaved under the cruel tyranny of Evil McCoy, the most evil octopus since Pear Daring went rogue in episode 24.

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Here's some inspiration from my current location, the Netherlands.

Inside a Dutch windmill:

(If you want some interior pictures of the windmill, I can provide those as well, I really think this would be an awesome idea)


Or, Amsterdam on queensday:


And a final idea would be in a tulip field.

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Ice level. No, hear me out. It's on Jupiter's moon Europa. We go into the supposed ocean under it. There are bioluminescent plants and animals, a new world, albeit without swimming glowing yetis.

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Here's something from one of my freewriting sessions the other day:

- Walled city where the walls are made of live, angry bulls. Residents try to ignore this.

Other things that I thought up just now:

A cargo train.

A tiny world inside the guts of a big car.

A city made of cacti.

A hi-tech lab.

A hi-tech lab where any experiment is permitted.

A deep, wide sinkhole with houses built into the sides.

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