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Psychonauts movie in the works?

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I was looking over a visual effects company website called BUF, which does visual effects to movies, TV, commercials, and animation. Then there is this entity under BUF which is called AngeleFine Productions which does in-house production and financing. Anyway, while I was looking at their current projects in production, I scrolled down and stumbled upon this piece of information:

Psychonauts - Script available

Directed by John Stalberg Jr.

Screenplay by Toby Harvard

Story by Toby Harvard & John Stalberg Jr.

Genre: Drug-infused Satire / Period Comedy

Set in 1959, the CIA enlists the top literary figures of the time to infiltrate the minds of Kennedy and Castro by way of drug-infused astral projection -- taking espionage to a higher level.

The movie is described as FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS meets OCEAN'S ELEVEN.

I dug further and googled the director, this is his website.

I then typed his name with Psychonauts, and found this piece of evidence. It's a production report on upcoming Movies and TV, and the date on it is May of 2011. The name there is "The Psychonauts" and matches all the information I have found above.

So what does all this mean? Is this something that might really happen? I know that Double Fine has the rights to the Psychonauts IP, and even though the film description has nothing to do with the game itself, other than the fact someone goes into other peoples' minds, and that the visual effects company sounds VERY similar t Double Fine Productions :P, I don't see how this can relate to Double Fine's game.

I tweeted Tim and John about it, but I'm not certain that they'll reply back :P

What do you guys think?

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