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When Will Iron Brigade Two Be Announced?

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I still say a kickstarter to buy the rights and i.p. is our best hope. Idk how much loot Iron Brigade brings in for MS...if a estimate is fabricated that'd be a step forward...then DF does a poll of 'is this worth it to you I.B. players' to get the rights...then we throw money into a kickstarter. The only problem after that will be if DF will be able to afford the server maintenance in the future. I'd seriously chip in 100 bux if this happened.

Theres not many insane things left to accomplish before anyone else has done them in this game that are remotely feasible, but I want this game (and potentially a series) to be alive long enough for me to keep driving myself crazy attempting them. I'd settle w/ a DLC for now (which is waaaaaaaay overdue). Theres already a slew of ideas for new tubes on threads in here. I've read about how an update can cost the developer 40k monies b/c of MS, and thats before the overhead costs of the actual work. Like we wouldn't give that to you, DF. Some phone calls and meetings are in order, eh?

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