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Just a casual chat...

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I've often thought, nay, full on wondered whether there was a dedicated forum topic on random questions you had for DF, regarding their work (that they might be able to talk about) and so I decided to start one.

I have a lot of questions and hopefully that fine, good looking gentleman who sometimes graces us with his presence, also known as the "community manager" will hopefully answer them.

So here are my questions -

What is the development on The Cave on Vita?

Same for DFA on Vita?

As Psychonauts is in HD on PC, why not re release it on PSN/XBLA as "Psychonauts HD?"

Has there ever been any thought of porting Stacking or Costume Quest onto tablets and then continuing the franchise on them?

What is this lump on my head?

That's all that I can think of right now, but there will be more....

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