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DF Chris Remo

Welcome to Amnesia Fortnight 2012!

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Hey everyone!

You may have heard of Amnesia Fortnight before. That's what we call Double Fine’s annual prototyping period. We take two weeks off from whatever we’re working on, split the company into small teams, and each team uses that time to make a game. We do it to test out new ideas, and to test out new project leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Many of the games we’ve made in the last few years--like Costume Quest, Stacking, Once Upon a Monster, Iron Brigade, and Middle Manager of Justice--have come from the Amnesia Fortnight process. It’s really a great morale boost for the team, and a highly effective way to develop new game ideas.

We want you to be a part of Amnesia Fortnight this time! You can vote for the ideas that get made into prototypes, and during this development, 2 Player Productions will be filming the process and posting videos daily. You will see all these games come together from scratch in front of your eyes.

When they are done you can download the actual prototypes and play them yourselves.

Contribute now through Humble Bundle, pay what you want, and decide how much money goes to charity. Then you can decide who wins the award for best prototype of Amnesia Fortnight.

So please, watch all the videos, read the materials, talk about the games on our forums, and make your selections. Buy the bundle, play the prototypes, let us know what you think. Who knows? Maybe the greatest game Double Fine has ever done will come out of this process, and you will have been part of it!

Humble Amnesia Fortnight

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