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LA Game Space Kickstarter

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I know it's late in the year, and people's wallets are crying out for the great holiday shopping surge to come, but here's a kickstarter I think you should all hear about if you have any interest in experimental or indie games.


LA Game Space is a kickstarter to form a non-profit studio to foster the development of independent and experimental games, and to give creators of all kinds the ability and access to make games that nobody had ever even thought of before, or at least never thought possible.

For just $5, you can back the project and get an experimental game from the creator of Katamari Damacy.

For $15, you get a collection of 30-- yes, 30-- experimental games from various developers, including Pen Ward of Adventure Time fame, and the creators of games such as the Bit.Trip. games, Hotline Miami, The Unfinished Swan, QWOP, and many more.

In addition, they just added an additional 5 already-released indie games to the $15 tier, so at the moment, that's 36 games total (Or even more, depending on if you consider The Basement Collection to be one game or its own collection of short games...)

The games all work on Mac and PC, and most will work on Linux.

They've got less than two weeks left to get to their goal. Spread the word!

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