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The OFFICIAL "Who did you vote for and why" thread

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I voted for Spacebase DF-9 because I really liked the concept behind, it plus I don't think Double Fine has ever made a sim game before, or has it?

I also voted for White Birch and Black Lake because I'm a fan of adventure games and the environments of both games look really good.

The last one I voted for was Silent but Deadly because its just hilarious. I played the mini game of it in the forums and could not stop laughing.

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-Kaiju Piledriver- Because it reminded me of Lungfishopolis, and that was one of the most memorable levels of Psychonauts. There aren't enough Godzilla-inspired games-- Rampage doesn't count.

-Flopulous- Looked like a fun and interesting puzzle game. A mechanic of that sort I haven't seen done before.

-Primordial Slime- Looked like a great puzzle game for a mobile device (hopefully android), and I'm on a budget.

And I voted for 3/4 winners, excluding Spacebase. Not really into simulations.

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[+]The Flock – I probably simply liked it being something new and unseen, being about birds, which it probably in the end wasn’t. Sadly, but more like voted for my own idea in the end.

[+]Echelon – voted because author was brave enough to push on other senses, not just visual, that’s a brave thing to do in this visuals based society. Chosen setting was interesting too and “console” style graphics were promising hint for not having to do aimless button-mashing.

[+]The White Birch – I think, in the end, I more of voted for presenter, than the game itself, I think he would have successfully pitched any game, just by his charisma. At the start (after seeing video) I was excited, but after starting to actually read information about the game I more and more understood that it is far from what I expected, but some authors phrases still light some hope.

[+]Spacebase DF-9 – Still think it will be a great game. Most important thing in the whole description was “everything that happens is driven by simulation”. As long as author doesn’t forget his own words and doesn’t push on me tasks I didn’t actually sign up to do in the first place, I’m excited for this :)

[+]Autonomous – Looks to be good game, as long as “which has a mind of their own” stays in it’s rightful place. Art style is good looking too.

[+]Black Lake - At the end has probably turned out to be the best of the pitches I voted for. Has good setting, has good idea and is overall a promising idea by promising author.

CritterVerse – art style was probably the most discouraging thing, to not even look deeper into the idea. (It’s very good, but too “silly” for me).

Battle Bros. - good idea, but setting wasn’t for me. Setting change, and I could have voted, especially because of “randomly generated adventures”

Primordial Slime – I actually liked the concept, but as it’s for “mobile devices”, it’s not for me.

Cloud Prix – doing something on the clouds, seemed to be good idea ( I did initially vote for this), but the proposed mechanics, and need to be limited by task of racing and needing to beat someone, killed the happiness about the clouds.

Double Fine High – I don’t actually have any things to say about this...:(... Putting all characters from previous games is a great idea! :) saaaafe!

Zumbi Chained – Chained together ^^ great idea, pirates – cool, enslaved – cool, fighting (yawn), next please.

Shine Run - deliver moonshine, hmm, interesting task, drive and stunts, next please.

Turk – seemed too complex for me, and too much place for error, based on your world view. Good idea though.

Flopulus – again, this was one of those things when I had no interest. In this case I think because there was no reason – why should I destroy that factory in the first place.

Redbot's Reboot – This was actually the first game I voted for, being sure “yes, this is it”, but later, starting from loosing third dimension and so on, it just went down to something utterly boring. This idea has a lot of potential, which, sadly, needs to be found first.

The Knockover – I liked the idea, but this was one of the games I didn’t vote, just to not vote for too much games, but it was on the list of promising titles.

BRAGGING & FIGHTING – I liked the concept of the bragging, not sure about fighting though. Was on the promising game list.

Milgrim – idea is possibly good, setting terribly not.

KAIJU PILEDRIVER – a good idea. I actually voted for this, but removed vote for the same reason as Knockover. But one worry there was, will the author not put too much of work on my shoulders, I want to see cities crashed, not have a finger fitness lesson :D

Silent But Deadly - *** censored due to strong language *** about even proposing ***censored due to strong language***. Gameplay idea seems to be good and interesting just not the ***censored due to strong language*** main story focus. (no offense, this was intended more like joke, I never use strong language xD, but this game is one of 2 on my dislikes list)

Hack n' Slash – actually second game in dislikes list. Why? If author will show how to hack Psychonauts and other this years prototypes, with the same “tools” and I will need to turn off antivirus, DEP and other neat things, just to run it – it’s about actual hacking stated, and will be one of my all time favorites, otherwise, it’s about using big words to sell off small ideas.

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I voted for:

-Black Lake and The White Birch because it looked like they would both have some sick atmosphere and a cool art style. And also for a kinda shallow reason: They were the only games that would explicitly feature a girl main character.

-Kaiju Piledriver just looks like a lot of fun with a really neat art style.

-Bragging and Fighting because it went beyond just a card game to actually be able to play it out, which is awesome.

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There were two main reasons for the votes I cast. Firstly, I voted for prototypes that had the potential for emergent gameplay, which I'm personally very fond of. This includes games like Spacebase DF-9, Autonomous and to an extent Hack n' Slash.

Secondly, I voted for games that had a clearly defined motivation behind them, that I could identify with. This includes prototypes like The Flock and Cloud Prix, which seemed to both be motivated by free-form movement. Or The White Birch and Black Lake, which seemed to be motivated by a personal adventure in a surreal environment.

Prototypes I specifically didn't vote for, where ones that tried to force other types of media into a videogame format, like The Knockover and Turk. And games that lacked ambition, and seemed common, like Flopulus and Double Fine High.

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Spacebase DF-9:

An intresting take on simulation game. I'm really curious on how the AI is going to be with the focus on the needs/personal lifes of the inhabitants. I also the idea that all the inhabitants will have their own story.


This games fits perfectly with the current games that double fine has produced. The gameplay sounds fun and the idea to base the art style on old japanese monster movies is big plus in my book.

The White Birch:

The pitch showed a great athmosphere and a bit of a limbo vibe. The idea to focus the battle on the enviroment instead of other creatures could give some unique gameplay.

Black Lake(My Favorite):

I think this game has a great potential for a nice story. The artwork shows a beautiful world which i would love to explore and I think the tracking in the forest could give great gameplay. Also the dream worlds could give some unique gameplay(see psychonauts). I must say it wasn't my favorite till i read the extra explanation on the forum.

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Hack 'n Slash: Honestly, they had me at "female protagonist" plus "programming and hacking". That's a combination you do not see enough of, and I love the idea of a quasi-teaching computer skill based game which could encourage young girls to go into the sciences. The premise is also pretty badass.

Spacebase DF-9: I like emergent gameplay and AI-driven NPCs with life cycles. Also it seemed to have more emphasis on the social aspect and less on combat or roguelike elements, which seem obligatory in games like these.

Kaiju Piledriver: C'mon, it's giant monsters and VHS gimmickery. That's a winning combination.

Milgrim: Disappointed this didn't make it in; Super Mario Tower Defense could really work and be a lot of fun. I think a renaming (what's a 'Milgrim'?) and more emphasis on the tower defense / dungeon keeper aspect might've helped it.

I threw votes at games that clearly weren't going to win but sounded interesting, too; Cloud Prix (might be difficult to play due to the mechanics but a fun premise), Bad Golf (seemed a vague premise but sounded like it'd be gonzo), and Silent But Deadly (immature but a fun take on stealth).

Also, I was originally voting for White Birch and Autonomous because they sounded interesting, but UN-voted because they were clearly already supported and I wanted to get some of the less supported titles up there. That's one drawback to showing the votes rather than saving them for the finish -- you can clearly see what's going to make it and what won't early on.

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Kaiju piledriver: Because Brad basically.

Spacebase: Because I like the idea of emergent gameplay.

Hack & Slash: I'm an amateur coder so it sounded interesting.

Autonomous: Same reason as Spacebace.

Edited to add that Echelon sounded awesome, but it had very few votes and I didn't think it was going to win. :(

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Bragging & Fighting: This has a hell of a lot of personality and just fun factor in it. Kinda bummed not to see it materialize.

The Knockover: I, too, am a huge fan of heist films. I also really liked the casual spin on it. It's definitely something that I would love to play with for 5 minutes at a time on my phone. Maybe if the card game aspect of it was toned down, it would have a wider appeal...?

Bad Golf: I love the idea of this game. It sounds like a mission in a GTA game, but fleshed out into its own thing. Reading through the forum about it, it's great that it would be an arcade-style golf game (i.e. you don't have to take into account wind, club types, and all that nonsense that makes golf more cerebral and less fun) with some fun vehicular terrorizing thrown in.

Autonomous: This vote was all about the atmosphere and setting. I could kinda care less about what the gameplay is, but the style and setting hooked me. Like a Liquid Sky with robots.

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Voted for:

White Birch - Looked adventure-y.

Cloud Prix - Reminded me of Rocket Jockey (which was awesome).

The Flock - Awwww, Greg wants to make a game about birds.

Spacebase DF-9 - Only pitch to use the word "emergent".

Wasn't really blown away by any of the concepts, but that might just be a limitation of the 30 second video format.

Didn't vote for:

Hack n' Slash -- I'd be really curious to see Double Fine's take on the top-down dungeon-crawl/rogue-like, but the programming theme/gimmick seems a bit tired (unless you can somehow summon the spirits of bad-hacker movies, maybe).

Autonomous -- Not really into assembling robots.

Black Lake -- Could be excellent, sounded a bit too Psychonauts.

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Voted For:

Hack N Slash - Conjured up memories I have as well of playing games on an emulator and working out my own changes to the game in play, would love to capture that feeling again in a "meant to do that" way. Really excited by this concept!

The White Birch - Beard. Accent. Atmosphere.

Autonomous - Classic 80s vibe, loved it. I also like the idea of setting things loose that you have no control over. Make your decisions right from the start.

Kaiju Piledriver - Who doesn't want to be Godzilla, I mean, really!

Critterverse - Sandwich planet did it for me.

Cloud Prix - When the guy in the pitch video was doing his flips he was saying "wheeeee" made me think of that great feeling when you nail a landing in Tiny Wings. Anything that captures that vibe is ok by me.

Shine Run - Points for trying.

Actively Didn't Vote For: That is, I had a specific reason I didn't like it

Spacebase DF-9 - "Emergent stories that you can easily share with other players" - NO. I don't want to share my stories. Screw that. Sounds like social network integration and I hate that in my games.

Bragging and Fighting - I'd rather actually be drinking than forcing myself to make up cool stories. Nice try though.

Silent But Deadly - What are we, 12?

Everything else I had no strong opinion on either way, but certainly not strong enough to vote for the idea either.

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I favoured...

Black Lake (my #1)

I liked the art, the idea of exploring something unknown, the atmosphere i had in my head, it sounded interesting and dense. In the end it depdens on the execution but this could have been a great game - i suspect it will be done nonetheless, right?!

Spacebase DF-9

Space, aliens, space station management, funny interactions between different races, the aquarium effect a god like game offers.

Kaiju Piledriver

It sounded after some easy to get into fun and action. Sometimes it's just fun to destroy things in a godzilla like way. I imagined this being done in a humorous style as well, destroying buildings, crushing little beings and vehicles by your feets/hands and teeth, etc.

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I don't know but for the me edit and quote buttons are placed in the wrong order.

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Unfortunately, I can't remember every idea I voted for, and I can't see how to check at this point. But here's some thoughts I remember having:

Liked/Voted For:

The White Birch - I love artistic atmospheric games like Ico/Journey/Shadow of the Colossus, etc.

Flopulus - Seemed well thought out and zany/original enough to be fun.

Bragging & Fighting - This one seemed like a really fresh idea. And I'm a huge fan of board/card game dynamics. I admit I don't fully understand how the game would be played but it sounded like it'd be funny and also unlike anything out there. Also, the DF employee pitching the project was the person from whom I learned about Amnesia Fortnight.

Autonomous - As a programmer/experimenter I love the idea of being able to build logical machines in game. I've played a few battle-bot style games like this before and liked them. And I'm a fan of games that are winnable and have a clearly defined victory condition, but allow you to get there in your own way.

Didn't Like:

Spacebase DF-9 - I've never really been a fan of "sim" games. But in this case especially I felt like it's already been done quite a few times (in the form of Startopia, the recently funded Maia, etc).

Shine Run - Again, this has been done recently. Search Google Play for "Shine Runner". It's one of the more well-known Android games. Even the title is almost exactly the same.

Silent but Deadly - I find this game idea to be in extremely poor taste.

Kaiju Piledriver - This could be ok, but it just didn't sound like there was much to differentiate it. Giant fighting monsters has been done many times.

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I'll try to be brief:


The White Birch: I feel like it's the type of game every Indie developer is trying to make, and we are getting saturated, especially on the PS3, but I voted for it anyway, because, I don't have a PS3, I like this type of game, and I guess I wanted to see Double Fines take on it.

Black Lake: Now this was my favourite. I wanted this to be made so bad. The concept sounded really intriguing, the ambience eerie, and the artwork looked like it could have had some really nice dark art, intriguing characters and innovative gameplay. Too bad. :(

The Flock: Sounded interesting and boring at the same time, until he said he wanted to explore the drama that might come up along the way. That sold me somehow.

Not Voted

Hack'n'Slash: While the concept sounds interesting, I don't know how fun of a game that would be.

Spacebase DF-9: Sounds interesting too, but I wanted my vote to count, so couldn't just give votes to everything, also I feel like this concept, it's been done.

Autonomous: Sounds just a little bit like RoboBlitz, and I've already played that. Also I don't think the final game would be AS fun as the pitch sounds.

Milgrim: Towerdefense is just not my genre I guess. Though I like Kingdom Rush.

Bragging and Fighting: Cardgames, again not my genre. And a fake fight that I then have to do for real, didn't sell me either. Also your reward is fake beer, as opposed to real beer, 'nough said.

The Knockover: There are flash games with a similar concept to this. There is a recent game called Payday (admitedly probably with much less planning and recruiting). I guess it just didn't knock me over.

CritterVerse: Sounded interesting, like a better/more fun Pokemon. But again, I wanted to make my other votes count.

Echelon: Pitch didn't win me over, no idead what this is about. Did I hear something about Text Adventure? Not interested.

Battle Bros.: Rogue Like Brawler? Randomly generated Adventures? Nah! When I read the name, I thought it might be Street Fighter with the DF characters, now THAT would have been AWESOME.

Primordial Slime: I guess most gamers would agree, that we've seen this same concept now over and over again.

Cloud Prix: Bad Pitch; sounded like an ego trip. Also, a cloud race? A game with white and blue backgrounds all the time, maybe white and black with yellow spots during nightime. I'll stick to something like Mario Kart, or maybe Double Fine Kart would be interesting, but give me something more than clouds.

Redbot's Reeboot: Lemmings with only one lemming, I think I played a similar game already. Not too bad really, but there were better concepts.

Flopulus: See Primordial Slime.

Turk: Nah!

Shine Run: Like Grand Theft Auto, only less interesting.

Zumbi Chained: I don't know, the pitch wasn't great, not much to go with, could be good, could be boring.

Double Fine High: Nah! Also, does this kind of proyect really need an Amnesia Fortnight at all? Or a budget? Sounds like the kind of thing you would do in your spare time on a weekend.

Vetoed/Downvoted (if that would have been an option to prioritize other games)

KAIJU PILEDRIVER: One word: Boooooriiing! Also, didn't I already do this in Psychonauts? And ever heard of Rampage?

Silent but Deadly: A fart joke made into a game. Do I have to say more? Well, just in case, I'll say it. Even if I did like fart jokes, how long till it got old? 2½ seconds?

Bad Golf: Bad concept. Bad Pitch

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Here are my votes:

The white birch

I guess for the proposed atmosphere, and for Andy Wood's humble but resolute pitch - he's a new face, at least for me, but he seems determined and confident. I thought that I would have liked to see him directing a project of his own. The concept for the game itself might be derivative; however, I trust Double Fine to deliver something new.


I completely trust Lee Petty after Stacking, and this new idea is as promising as the previous one: a clever combination of fun, original gameplay and distinctive art style. Definitely a product I'd like to see made.

Zumbi Chained

This bizarre, fresh idea undoubtedly deserved more attention: a co-op game about slavery set in the Caribbean, with a simple ingenious mechanic and unique characters. I sincerely hope it will find its path to development, in one way or another: it seems perfect for Double Fine's creativity.


It stands out as something completely different - a game without history or setting, but with an innovative and seemingly fun premise. I've voted for straightforward curiosity - and for a potential underdog.


A wacky interpretation of Pokémon with an odd sci-fi setting, quirk animals, 2D retro graphics and action puzzles? When will it come out?

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I voted for The Flock, because Greg is a dreamboat.

Also, Hack N' Slash because of its potential for meta-meta-gameness; and The White Birch, because I enjoyed Limbo.

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In order of preference:

BLACK LAKE -- Had an amazing art style and atmosphere, loved the folky forest setting and the idea of exploring the dreams of animals. Out of all of the pitches, this had the most immediately evocative, intriguing, and original atmosphere. It'll be a shame if this idea isn't revisited soon, this is a world that deserves to be explored.

KAIJU PILEDRIVER -- Hands down, this looked like the most fun out of any of the pitched ideas. The rubberized monster thing sounds really silly and charming, and the idea of running around stomping on things and beating up corporate robots sounds AMAZING. A vote for Kaiju Piledriver was a vote for silly, awesome fun!

DOUBLE FINE HIGH -- So, I really love puzzle games like Tetris Attack/all those Nintendo Puzzle League games that have you compete with other either AI-controlled or human-controlled characters. I also think Double Fine has established a pretty awesome cast of original characters that deserve to be in some sort of crossover together at some point. This would have been a cool little idea, and I would have loved to have something like this to play on my Android phone.

THE WHITE BIRCH -- This also got my vote mostly on promises of atmosphere. Games like Ico and Journey rank among my favorite titles, so as soon as I'd heard those names I clicked on that vote button. I have to admit, though, now I'm a little worried if it'll really deliver as a unique experience. Black Lake presented an actual original atmosphere that looked to be inspired by games like Ico, while The White Birch actually risks being derivative of Ico (you have to help a girl escape from a tower? how will this be different from helping a girl escape a castle in Ico?) Hopefully the concept will introduce some unique ideas and an atmosphere/set of characters that can stand alone and prove me wrong.

SILENT BUT DEADLY -- "Silent But Deadly is a smell-based stealth game" = SOLD

CRITTERVERSE -- I gave this a vote after showing my girlfriend a bunch of the pitch videos. I hadn't really considered this one before, but she thinks it's pretty adorable :D

Did not vote for:

HACK N' SLASH -- This sounded like an intriguing concept, and I'm interested in how it'll be implemented in a way that's lasting or fun. However, I have to admit, having no experience whatsoever with hacking: I don't know how this game will hook me if I'm not interested in learning how to hack. I'm sure Double Fine could prove me wrong and make a cool game, but during the voting round, this pitch just came off sounding like a clever hacking tutorial to me. :\

SPACEBASE DF-9 -- Having been burnt in the past by being really excited for ambitious pitches for games like Will Wright's Spore, I was very unsure if this concept could be delivered in a way that didn't disappoint. Not to mention that it's difficult for sim games to hold my interest in general.

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My two favorites that I voted for were Black Lake and White Birch. The main reason was because of the genre that they are supposedly in. They both sound like ambient adventure games in the vein of Ico, Limbo, Okami, Legend of Zelda, where the focus is on exploring a unique world.

Next I voted for The Knockover and Bragging and Fighting because the idea of a card game sounded fun. This type of game would be great for a quick fix of gameplay rather than a mutli-hour playthrough.

Lastly I voted for Cloud Prix because I like racing games that are set in a fantasy setting like Mario Kart. I do not enjoy racing games with cars.

The other games I didn't vote for mostly because the type of gameplay is not something I find interesting, or because I didn't really have an idea of how the game was supposed to work (like the bird migration one). In regards to the top 4 games, I didn't vote for Spacebase because I do not like Sim games. Autonomous sounds okay, but I really don't understand how that game is going to work. Hack and Slash does not sound fun because I prefer linear gameplay experiences, and having to hack the actual game to make it work sounds like it would be fun only if you were a programmer.

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I restricted myself to 4 votes, namely for Echelon, The Knockover, Shine Run and Turk. These were mostly votes to show support for ideas that sadly wouldn't make it but sounded interesting and/or fun.

That said, I like the final 4, but they all had a comfortable lead and didn't need my vote anyway. As for the rest:

Interesting/fun, but not enough to vote: Black Lake, Bragging & Fighting, Cloud Prix, Primordial Slime, Flopulus.

Sounds nice, but not my kind of game(play): Kaiju Piledriver, Milgrim, CritterVerse, The Flock, Battle Bros, Redbot's Reboot, Double Fine High

Did not like: Silent but deadly (Never been a fan of this kind of humor), Bad Golf (Golf = ZzZZzz, would play the "racing" part though)

That leaves Zumbi Chained, where I have to admit I dind't get the idea what kind of game it should be.

I would like to add that I had trouble with several pitch videos, where I liked the idea, but they missed important information explaining what the actual gameplay or type of game would be. The game design document (if present) in most cases didn't add enough to that as well. That would have left digging through the forum and asking questions, which I considered too time-consuming to be honest. Maybe also extending the pitch videos to 1 minute would be better?

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I didn't actually vote for any of them, but the major thing that stood out was the difference in the pitches. The story or mood-based pitches had an easy time being evocative without requiring any strong reference to gameplay. The Flock stood out as one that needed to work harder to give me an idea of what I would be seeing in it: was it a flight sim that focused on the pretty environment, a social simulator of flocking birds, a sim Duck where your goal is to make it (or your flock to make it) to your migration goal, a multiplayer coordination game. The multiplayer mention really confused me as to the intent. Another game where the pitch gave me a problem was Silent But Deadly. Immediately I was put off by the imagery of the protagonist crapping his pants; I worked around it, but that was my gut reaction. The idea of a smell-based sneak game could be interesting though: imagine instead of ninja smoke bombs, you have lavender pellets? Watch the air patterns and stand where the fans blow air safely away from you, or in the eye of the storm, so to speak. There could be different obstacles to avoid, like sensitive dogs to distract or neutralize their scent glands. You might even exchange bad scents for some (hilarious) reasons.

I'd say what stood out in a positive way were games where you had a clear story idea, and games where you could imagine cool gameplay ideas, like Autonomous or Kaiju Brawler. Whereas Shine Run had a start of a nice hook, running moonshine past cops or competition, I wasn't sure if it was just a race over wacky terrain against obstacles, or a competition against other runners to be first. It could have morphed into a mission or RTS game for all I was unsure of the goal besides funky yokels racing awesome vehicles across all sorts of terrain - which is almost enough, but there are a lot of racing games relatively. The card-based games didn't interest me, but I haven't gotten into all the physical card games that seem to be popular.

Let's see: Milgrim's thread gave a lot of good info that would have done well stuffed into the pitch somehow. Zumbi Chained didn't really sell me on the gameplay, though I imagined there could be fun if you added and removed characters with different abilities or powerups to your chain of PCs / NPCs. I loved the art for Critterverse but I was lost beyond that. Slime felt a bit too indistinct from the Lemmings / Goo / Birds territory. Bad Golf had a nice idea (see also South Park's take on good golf games versus realistic ones). Battle Bros as a game idea just sounded like the arcade games he mentioned and while I played a few older games like that, it didn't interest me as a console or PC game. Cloud Prix had a cute premise in need of more meat to pull me in. Turk sounded interesting as an art project, but an immense amount of work as a game both to build and to play.

Beyond that, the rest of the ideas were pretty solid and either made it or not. Some probably benefited by being vague enough about details that we could imagine ten different types of games that the actual game wouldn't be. For example, what I wanted Dungeon Keeper to be was not at all what was released, but what I saw until I played it was MY mental game.

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Although I voted for around half of the projects, the ones that most intrigued me were:

- Autonomous: I could see this going a number of different directions and they all seem interesting and fun. Plus, although I tried to steer clear of bias (which may not be evident from my choices), I already know I like Lee's work

- The Flock: I have no idea what this game would turn out to be but it is a pretty original idea. I mean, I used to love Microsoft Flight Simulator, so with the correct mechanics I don't see why a flight simulator/game about birds would be any less awesome.

- Battle Bros: Not the most original idea, as it sounds similar to Binding of Isaac at first glance. However, while I loved Binding of Isaac I thought there was plenty of room for improvement on the formula. This idea also seems like the perfect framework to inject some trademark Double Fine humor into a game.

But my favorite was:

Black Lake: I freaking loved this concept. I could have seen this turn out to be a really cool between the exploration and dream battles (or however that ended up being done). I'm really sad this didn't make the top four.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time this past week so I didn't get as involved in reading the forum threads as I would have liked to. So my picks were all based on the brief pitches and my best guess at what sort of insane games might spin out of the initial concept. Can't wait to see what the great minds at Double Fine think up!

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The pitch had me at "80s inspired futuristic" at the background music and Tron'esque/wireframe concept art. So, it mostly sold me on the style of the game. The game concept was just icing on the cake. I really love exploration in games, and saddened that most modern games don't include that. So being able to explore a strange and new world made this idea even better. The idea of building autonomous robots that help you (or not) also sounds very intriguing. Some of my favorite scifi movies from the 80s are Tron and Electric Dreams, so how can I not vote for this one.

The White Birch & Black Lake

To me these pitches are quite similar, they both seem to offer an action/adventure game filled with exploration and mystery. I can't get enough of that stuff (and supply is rather low).

Spacebase DF9

Because I wanted to vote for 4 games, and this was the best of what remained. The primary reason why I voted for this one is: JP. This primarily due to his contributions to the IdleThumbs videocasts where he played Bioshock 1 (and his Doom de-make of Acadia) and the original X-Com. Listing him talk almost non-stop on the design of the various game mechanics makes me confident that Spacebase DF9 can contain well thought out game mechanics.

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Thanks to Double Fine for letting us be a part of the Amnesia Fortnight process! It's been fun so far and I'm very much looking forward to the next two weeks.

Games I voted for:

Bragging & Fighting - By far my favorite game of the group. Great concept that sounded like something I'd have hours and hours of fun playing. The mechanic of lying and then having to live up to your lies was very intriguing. I really hope Double Fine comes back to this idea in the future.

Knockover - I love a good caper story whether in movies, games or comics. I liked the recruiting aspect and how different teams would change the strategy and outcome.

Critterverse - This pitch had me hunting for the vote button when it got to "Planet Planet". Hilarious! Plus, I liked the idea of the critters you collect being used to help solve the puzzles.

Spacebase DF-9 - This was my favorite of the four winners. I love simulation games but tend to get bored with them after awhile. I think this game would've solved the problem by focusing on character interactions. I'm very excited to play with this prototype.

Bad Golf - I voted for this because the pitch video made me laugh. Also, it's probably the only golf-related video game that I would actually enjoy playing.

Cloud Prix - It sounded like a fun and visually interesting game. A racer where you jump from cloud to cloud is a great idea. This is another game I hope DF comes back to eventually.

Kaiju Piledriver - Fun concept! I love the idea of fighting giant, corporate battlebots. And I like the idea of this being rogue-like as a nice upgrade from the classic Ramage forumla.

Silent But Deadly - This concept was hilarious but I wasn't going to vote for it at first. Then Tim linked to the playable pre-prototype version and I got hooked on it. I forgot about the gross concept and was captivated by the gameplay. It took me a long time to figure out the last level and when I finally did I realized I wanted to play more.

Hack n' Slash - This is the other top four game I voted for. I love games like Zelda and I'm intrigued the the concept of hacking being required to solve the puzzles. I don't know anything about hacking, but it sounds like the game will teach us what we need to know.

Primordial Slime - I voted for this one even though I don't own an Iphone/Ipad/whatever. I saw a lot of potential in this to be a successful game for Double Fine in the app market.

Milgrim - Despite a weird name, I loved the idea of this one. Great twist on classic platform games.

Games I didn't vote for:

Mostly if I didn't vote for a game it was simply because of a "meh" reaction to the pitch. The two winners I didn't vote for (White Birch & Autonomous) had concepts that didn't grab me. But sometimes it takes actually playing a game to grab me so I look forward to playing their prototypes and seeing if they can change my mind.

There were a couple games that had specific reasons why I chose not to vote for them:

The Flock - I'm just not that interested in bird migration. Sorry. The only hook for me would be exploration, but my assumption is that the landscape would be real world-based. My love of exploration in games tends to focus on worlds that are unlike our own. But I would support this game being made because of Greg's passion and I'm in favor of people getting quality games that cater to their personal niche.

Redbot's Reboot - The pitch video was awesome, but the lack of details made it hard to picture the game in my head. Programming commands in Redbot to get home sounds interesting, but how would that work as gameplay? If the pitch had fleshed out the game a bit more I would've been happy to vote for it. (EDIT: I just realized that the details I was looking for were in the concept PDF. Whoops. I feel bad that I didn't look at that sooner.)

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First and foremost I voted for Black Lake- Everything from the proposal, to the art, and gameplay were well defined, which alone was worth voting for, add in the intriguing art design, game concept and story ideas and I was sold.

Autonomous-The game's art look great, and the idea of the game sounded curious I'm interested to see how it turns out.

The White Birch, this one sounded like fun, but the limited views on the game left me curious how the game would actually turn out.

Redbot's Reboot, it's hard to not support sir Redbot, and was rather sad to see so few vote for the game, but the lack of details did make it more understandable.

Games I didn't vote for:

Hack n Slash, the game was vague and generic, perhaps with a better name, and it was more drawn out how he proposed to implement his ideas I'd have been more interested in voting for it.

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Games I voted For:

Spacebase DF-9: I'm a huge fan of Dwarf Fortress so I'd like to see what a full team of professionals can bring to the concept. It would be ludacris to expect a simulation on the level with ToadyOne's magnum opus in two weeks but fortunately DF-9 has a much narrower scope so I think we'll see some very interesting stuff once the deadline hits.

Autonomous: Building servants out of smaller bits is one of my favorite almost totally ignored gameplay types. Not really wild about the 80's sci-fi look but I think it suits the build-minions-from-primitives gameplay.

Kaiju Piledriver: I loved watching Godzilla as a kid and Rampage was one of my favorite game series (though it hasn't aged well). Combining those things with a bit of roguelike/spelunkylike procedural generation sounds like a real good time.

Hack and Slash: I was sort of on the fence about this one. On one hand I already make cheats and trainers for games that aren't fun by themselves so I can see how that could potentially be translated into fun gameplay but on the other hand it might wind up being a real bore more like debugging a program than playing a game.

Black Lake: Sounds a bit like Psychonauts, so that's cool. My girlfriend really wanted it to win so she could play something with a female protagonist, so I had to vote for it too.

What I didn't vote for:

White Birch: Not really a big fan of purely atmospheric games. Shadow of the Colossus was good because even if you didn't care for wandering the wasteland with just you and your horse there were still huge, awesome boss battles. Something more puzzle/platform based like Journey or Ico simply isn't going to hold my interest for more than an hour or two.

Primordial Slime / Flopulous: Gish+ and Gish 3D. Didn't like Gish and neither game brought anything I would enjoy to the concept.

Bad Golf / Silent But Deadly: Both games that take a really mundane concept and try to give it a funny twist. Both fail to take into account that a new coat of paint and a minigame doesn't make the core gameplay more fun.

Most of the rest were either uninspired or poorly thought out/explained but my vote for The Worst of DFAF2012 goes to:

Turk: Use visual cues to get from one mosaic to another by going through other partly related mosaics. How did Ben think this would be fun for anyone? The world may never know. I'm honestly ashamed to share a first name with him.

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Hack n' Slash - Voted. Interesting concept and there's a lot you can do to subvert genre conventions here. The hacking mechanic promises to be original and authentic.

Spacebase DF-9 - Voted. The only simulation driven game. Sim City in space with aliens just sounds amazing. I want to be Commander Sisko.

The White Birch - Voted. I liked the influences of Ico and Journey. But man does this basic concept sound a lot like this game: Toren

Autonomous - Voted. Sounds like Klei's upcoming Don't Starve but in 80s scifi.

Black Lake - Voted. I actually liked this more than White Birch because it added in that Psychonauts flavor and was more Shadow of the Colossusesque.

Kaiju Piledriver - Voted. Roguelike brawler could be pretty cool even though I generally don't like brawlers. No one has done a full on giant monster themed game in a while.

Milgrim - Didn't vote. The Dungeon Keeper concept in a 2d Mario style game just didn't appeal to me.

Bragging & Fighting - Voted. Really liked this spin on the classic RPG.

The Knockover - Voted. Although it didn't seem like much of a video game, a card game with this theme would be quite cool.

Silent But Deadly - Didn't vote. No real game should be one long poop joke.

CritterVerse - Didn't vote. There's enough Pokemon clones out there. See Insomniac's Outernauts. (Although the puzzle spin could be interesting.)

Echelon - Voted. Cool mixed media and nice theme.

The Flock - Voted. Just sounds nice and relaxing, seeing flocking algorithms as the core mechanic in a video game would also be cool. I guess like Hothead's Swarm.

Bad Golf - Voted. Fun goofy concept. The world needs more goofy sports games.

Battle Bros - Didn't vote. Just not enough meat to the concept here, didn't explain the roguelike elements. At least Kaiju Piledriver had a more unique theme.

Primordial Slime/Flopulous - Didn't vote. More than enough physics driven goop based puzzlers out there, none of them are particularly great.

Cloud Prix - Didn't vote. Too esoteric, not clear how cloud surfing would actually feel like.

Redbot's Reboot - Didn't vote. I love comp sci themed games but simple robot programming has been done to death and is usually not very interesting.

Turk - Voted. Seems like just a simple puzzler but I have a soft spot for vision themed games as well.

Shine Run - Voted. Fun concept.

Zumbi Chained - Voted. Just the theme and the use of capoeira were interesting, mechanically sounded a little unwieldy though.

Double Fine High - Didn't vote. Love the concept of a mashup game from Double Fine, but I don't think a puzzle fighter game like this is the best way to utilize the characters.

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Voted for:

Black Lake - It just seemed to have the biggest potential to me, personally - managing to tick off many things I love (mysterious forests - check, fantasy critters - check, sentient darkness - check). The concept art already carried such a wonderful and strong atmosphere to it, and the gameplay seemed like it would be fun too - can't go wrong with an action adventure, especially if it involves you entering the dreams of animals.

Turk - A really fun and most importantly unique gameplay concept that would have been nice to see tackled by an experienced team. It also would have been awesome to see some art/concept art by the Double Fine team used for the pictures in the game - not just see random pictures, but discover great art as you are playing.

The Flock - Every once in a while I get dreams in which I am flying. Good lord, I LOVE those dreams. If there's a game that promises me the feeling of flight over gorgeously crafted environments, hell yes I will want to play it.

Cloud Prix - Mostly voted for this out of the same reasoning as with The Flock. In addition to loving the feeling of flying, I also love clouds in all their shapes and forms. Staring at a sunset or a broody, stormy sky is something that will never get old for me. Riding through these? Even better.

Didn't vote for:

The White Birch - It seems fun! But since I was hoping for Black Lake to win, I couldn't vote for this one as well! One major reason why I picked Black Lake over The White Birch (the settings and tone seem pretty similar after all), is that Andy described the game's story as "open for interpretation". If there's something I'm not particularily fond of (especially in games), it's an ambigous story. Too often those have left me feeling dissatisfied once I was done with them. Give me a tight narrative over artsyness any day.

Spacebase DF-9 - A reason why this couldn't win me over despite it sounding intriguing and possibly fun is the Dwarf Fortress comparison. I'm not exactly a fan of super complicated games - I very rarely have the patience to get into them anymore, and I feared Spacebase DF-9 might end up like that kind of game. I trust the Double Fine team would have managed to make the game infinitely more accessible than DF, but still...

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I posted this in the DFA Backer's forum.

I'm analyzing the projects right now. The Flock sounds a lot like Endless Forest...

EDIT: So, my votes:

Silent But Deadly: it'd be fun to see. It's a truly new concept. If it was a continuous runner, like Jetpack Joyride, I wouldn't vote for it, but, as a stealth-based game, I'd like to see.

Turk: I don't know how fun it'd be, but I think we need more games that make us think in a different way.

White Birch: it's pretty ambitious, but DF can pull it off.

Black Lake: the concept gives room to a lot of interesting ideas.

Redbot's Reboot: I just wanted to support Redbot. Everyone loves Redbot.

Some concepts reminded me of Notch's upcoming 0x10c and others reminded me of games like Fluidity and Vessel.

I didn't vote for those that, in my opinion, weren't unique, like those that reminded me of other games.

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