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Love Letters to Double Fine and 2PP

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I was super excited when you guys announced this because I had heard Tim and folks from DF talk about AF in the past and it seemed like a really cool concept. And I get to throw a dev I like a few bucks and get some fun game toys out of it, plus a little video from 2PP each day (which is clearly just going to be 2PP grabbing each project lead for 2 minutes and getting a "Here's what happened today on ${PROJECT}" because how else would you possibly produce anything longer or more involved than that every night for two weeks?), and some livestream (which is clearly just going to be them pointing a webcam at the office and then maybe switching to streaming a dev's desktop and then maybe someone would pop in the chat to answer a question at designated times of the day, because streaming all day every day for two weeks with a live crew would be ridiculous).


Good job, you crazy people.

(Also, congrats, you apparently managed to work your way into my daily routine. I got all antsy today around 3 Eastern when I hit a break point in what I was doing and then realized it was because I didn't have a new video to watch.)

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