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I was having fun the last few days in the Amnesia fortnight stream. The creative energy got me watching to sketch and doodle a bunch. Some of the DF-ers wanted me to send in (mail?) the drawings I believe so I may do that. Anyway here's some of what I posted:

THE POST-ITS - I have been trying to use post-it notes in sketching lately to get used to storyboarding thumbnails and corrections, and I had a bunch handy I was messing with after finishing a story test I'd been working on earlier in the week. (Which is also why I hadn't been in the stream.) Anyway here's some of the drawings:

Post-it's lineup (only a few DF-ers in this - most of the faces here are made up)




Made for fun during some technical difficulties on the stream:


I don't know who Granny Double Fine is but this is pretty much what I pictured when I heard it:


Burger and his glorious beard. All hail burger. Praise be to cult of burger. Iae Burger Ftang Kazoot Burger Burger Burger.


Made during Jane's difficulties wrestling with Maya doing what it does best (Crash):


During Jane's level building, I found the bizarre devmode movement to be amusing when the girl of white birch took off like a rocket with half her body cut off by the barely keeping up camera. (And then the game crashed!)


Jane during livestream chats not long after that day:


FUN WITH THE LIVESTREAMMERS - Prior to the livestream going up on a couple days, I was drawing silly things having fun with the other streamers based on what they were saying.

Ozzy and his bat-eating seemed to be a recurring topic in the chat:


Came from a conversation people were having about ESRB stuff:


Similar vein as previous:


We got to chatting about what game idea we would pitch if we were at double fine. I had a few. Here was one:


More sketching regarding that previous game idea:


Some random office workers when I was thinking about an office based fighting game or RPG or something (I dunno) http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/561038_479344435437599_1091252133_n.jpg

More office-related game thing:


When people were chatting about the 80s-ness of Autonomous:


Random action game inspired thing:


Tim & friends - A few drawings I did when the streamers were on.

Tim about to eat a christmas-based cookie powerup. He saw this during the stream which was rad.


Tim and the rocking Santa toy:


Greg and his troubled relationship with the livestream robot:


Random things - Related and unrelated things sketching during or after the stream. Some were done after I got fired up drawing during the stream and so I wanted to share some of creative energy DF put in me for the day.

War on christmas:


Was thinking about Hack n Slash when I doodled this:


Sketch of 70's fashion and 80's fashion characters:


Sketch of 70's character from previous drawing:


A drawing after the stream ended while listening to oingo boingo music:


More oingo boingo fueled drawing:


More oingo boingo inspired things:


Also, a non-fortnight but DF-related thing - here's a psychonauts sketch I did earlier this year, from the fan art thread:


Anyway, some music to party down to:

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THESE ARE THE BEST!! Thanks for the Maya Crash Cat Spacedad! I didn't catch that you drew it during the stream.

oh yay and you had a drawing of me! Looking super tired too haha! Awesome!

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I'm going print out 'Tim & the rocking Santa toy' and hang it in the shop! I will erupt into giggles every time I look at it!!! :cheese:

Also the Babies doodles are also great! Keep this up Spacedad!!!

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Daww, thanks guys and gals. :)

Here's something else I posted during the stream but forgot:


Also I decided to get off my ass and make a deviant art account. Nothing finished up at the moment - just a lot of sketchbook and life drawing from the past few months.

So only stuff in the deviantart scrapbook for now: http://iamspacedad.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps

Thanks a bunch and I'll be posting more stuffs later on I guess.

Edit: I'm going to be attending a figure drawing workshop at the animation guild in burbank this saturday - the costume theme of the model will be GLADIATOR. So uh, expect some Brazen fan art later this week. ;)

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Haven't been round in a while. Here's a thing I did for a cool dude today:


This was inspired largely by Brutal Legend, what with the PC version now out and stuff. :)

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Way awesome art, Spacedad!

I really like the design of that skull wizard dude getting his kneecaps busted off. That'll show him for wearing a Snuggie around his legs!

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