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Polygon Feature Article about Tim Schafer and Steve Dengler (Dec 13, 2012)

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This is a great lengthy Double Fine piece about Tim Schafer (by Arthur Gies) and about Steve Dengler (by Chris Plante). A must read, IMHO!

Double Fine Double Feature: Two men, one success story. Two profiles, one page. It's the Double Fine Double Feature. With rainbow lasers.


On one side it recaps the story of Tim's Adventure as the Middle Manager ... ehm, CEO of DF Justice, and on the other side, there is a piece about the Illusive Man ... uhm, Angel Investor, Steve Dengler.

I recall the Twitter conversation they had a year ago(?), but I never knew that Dengler is/was involved in the business end of DF and it's current success and health. Also, PC ports! Check it out.

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