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Things they should have in a full game of Autonomous

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I watched the live playthrough of the prototypes, and when they all talked at the end about what was good and what all the games should be, I was like UUGGGNNG!!

Making the robots fight each other is awesome, and it really reminded me of Bioshock how there's this huge wreckin-ball dude stompin' around, but once you know the game you learn how to easily breeze passed them all. Long story short, everything about this feels sneaky and clever.

I think the next place to go with this is to make robots that co-operate with each other. Like maybe 2 of the same mining guys will be able to carry triple as much- or one type of robot can transport another type, or one robot can support another. I'm thinking of the Starcraft 2 protoss guys who just go back n forwards mining all day in this racing swarm, or like a standalone head that'll orbit an existing robot and defend him or whatever.

I thought about robots Voltron-ing into each other, but I can't think of any way that could work.

Also it'd be really funny to have a multiplayer mode where the two players can't harm each other directly. So you'd be running passed each other holding giant torsos just scowling and shaking fists.

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