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The Bridge and The Clamp

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Played through the prototype 3 times. I have a number of problems with the bridge. 1. I think it could be more obvious that the way to get the bridge down is to jump on it as a solution to a problem, not because there's a convenient path leading to it. 2. Even allowing for dying while experimenting with the bridge to see how it works, the solution doesn't look like it should work any more than the options that involves death. 3. I don't think, in terms of physics, the bridge tilting at the end when you're crossing makes a terrible lot of sense, you need pressure from the ground to jump, fulcrum/pivot/lever there's no way the devs don't know this already.

Going from the clamp (possibly more accurately a claw) attachment bar to the rope seemed like magic to me. If I hadn't seen someone who already knew how to complete the prototype play through this I wouldn't have seen this as viable. Also the way it opens, from the weight of a tiny girl, and that it shuts, doesn't make any sense to me.


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