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Just finished the prototype twice

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Hey White Birch Team!

Amazing job, really. I just downloaded all the prototypes and played yours first because honestly - I didn't like your idea very much at the beginning. I just thought it was okay and didn't expect much. But after seeing what your team has done (especially in the audio and puzzle design section) is really amazing. I thought the puzzle design was genius and needed no explanation. I never felt really stuck and it took me the perfect amount of time to figure out how things work. I also loved turning the camera for the first time and seeing the massive interior and the way up seeming endlessly long. Great feeling, didn't really expect that from a two-week prototype. The atmosphere is so cool, and the crow-scene? Mad props to the sounds guy, great job! I can see this grow into a full-fledged project, your prototype convinced me now.

There are just two things I disliked during my playthroughs, but I understand they were just there because of the short development time:

I really loved walking slowly but there is just really slow and running. More different / fluid running speeds would be really great.

The other thing is: dropping of a ledge should only be happening after I press down for a long enough time (about 1 sec. I suppose) to prevent falling if not intended.

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