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My experience... I missed some stuff

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Hey, I really enjoyed playing the prototype, but I had a negative experience.

I figured out that the Q button to use your usb cord doesn't work after trying it a few dozen times and nothing happened. I figured it either gets unlocked later or is not working yet. I was wondering the whole time... when do I get to hack things?

I ended up walking right passed the glitch & the subsequent lamp the first play through, then after restarting I walked right up to it but didn't realize that the lamp was an intractable object. I just noticed a weird invisible wall halfway through the jail cell.

Similarly, the first play through I walked right passed the hourglass but found it the second time AFTER going back through the fire. I did manage to get past the fireballs without the hourglass no problem, especially with the laptop. I would say I have about a 80% success rate as long as you don't start so far over that you run into the wall and miss the opening. The trick is to just run diagonally.

I went through every single room in the library feeling as if I was missing an important item that I needed to solve the puzzle. After going through all the rooms I gave up, especially since I couldn't read any of the garbled text.

I just watched you play through the game briefly in the video for day 9 so that pointed out the important thing that I missed, but you really need to make that stuff stand out a little bit more. I probably would have figured it out if I kept trying but it was frustrating and boring.

I guess the other feedback I had was it is a little too easy to navigate the guards in the main room of the castle. If I went slowly I could fail to predict the guard pattern and get caught, but if I just run through and rely on instinct and peripheral vision I usually manage just fine. I think that every time you should have to sit and wait at least once for a patrol to move to its next spot.

Now to go play the game properly. I am a programmer btw...

Okay... just went back and finished the 2nd half of the game, it was much more enjoyable when I actually knew what I was doing. I like the simplified hacking interface. It would be nice if I could manually enter in the numbers with the numpad or something.

The library was really easy to solve, as were most of the puzzles. The 2nd fireball room was a little challenging though luckily friendly damage seems to have life saving boolean properties and isn't a pure damage bonus.

I would have liked more ways to bypass puzzles without killing the enemies. I blinded or immobilized some of the guards just for fun, but you can't blind the guards that don't move (which is a bug I assume).

Overall great game!

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