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DF Levi

Team Black Lake Credits

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The credits at the end of the prototype fly by pretty fast so thought I'd post em' here too.

Black Lake Prototype

a Double Fine Production

Team Black Lake

Levi Ryken – Project Lead - Concept Art, Story, Design, Materials, Climates, Telling people to do things.

David Farrell – Senior Programmer - Tended vines, Graphics programming

Duncan Boehle – Associate Programmer - Player Controls, UI and Gameplay Programming

Bert Chang – Programmer – Gameplay

John Swisshelm – Designer / Programmer - Wearer of Hats

Emily Johnstone – Artist – Art and stuff

Allison Thomas – Office Manager - Drew stuff, looked up symbols

Lydia Choy – Senior Tech Artist - VFX, Shaders, Climates, Lighting, Coffee Drinking

Adrian Melian – Associate Tech Artist - Character Rigging, Simulation and

Animation. Putting out Maya fires (studio wide). Handsome.

Kjeld Pedersen – Environment Artist - Made characters, became fox-obsessed, wore x-mas fox sweater

Rhandy Cruz – Senior Environment Artist

Jeremy Natividad – Environment Artist - GrumpyCat.jpg

Elliott Roberts – Senior Animator

Brian Correia - Music and Sound Designer

Daniel Pangelina – QA Lead

Anna Kipnis – Awesome Voice acting

Corpus Callosum - Accordion

Brent Andrew Shinn – IT Manger – made funny noises with a stringed instrument.

Wild Hunt - Intro Music

...Thanks Tim.

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