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Justin Honegger

Middle Manager of Justice Support FAQ

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Hi Everyone!

If you’re here you almost assuredly are looking for support for the most wonderful and glorious game Middle Manager of Justice! Well, you've come to the right spot. Below are the topics that are Frequently Asked, so hopefully this list will clear up any concerns or confusion you may be experiencing.

If this FAQ is not sufficient, please email support@doublefine.com with your problem(s) and a more detailed answer should get to you in the next 24 hours, barring holidays and/or hangovers.

1. iCloud doesn't appear to be working!

There’s a few steps to get iCloud up and working for you and your devices. First, you have to complete the tutorial and turn on the option in the options menu. Next, you have to run a few fights, and in doing so it will trigger the save into the cloud itself. We have various checks to make sure that the ‘newest’ data is used, but iCloud integration was also one of the last things we put in, so it’s not foolproof yet.

We will be adding more functionality to iCloud in future updates, like merging save files and actual save slots.

2. How do I delete my save data?

Currently the only way to wipe your save data is by deleting the app and downloading it again. I know it sucks, but we didn’t think you guys would want this functionality so soon. LOOKS LIKE WE WERE WRONG. We’ll be adding the ability to wipe save data in a less traumatic fashion in a future update.

3. I can’t buy things in game!? WHY DO YOU HATE MONEY

We love money, it’s our favorite mythical creature!

There are a few things that might be interfering with your ability to buy things in game though;

If in app purchases are disabled on your device (from your home screen, go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> In App Purchases and check whether it is set to Off), our in app purchasable items will not appear in the in-game store, and in fact the store will appear empty. We're fixing this in our next update!

Sometimes, especially on days with a ton of app store traffic, apple can be slow to respond to the actual purchase request. You should get a failure message after a few seconds if that happens; we're only seeing a few of these a day so maybe you just got unlucky!

If the device you're playing on is jailbroken, it's possible that certain certificates could interfere with purchases. Hopefully that's not what's happening to you because we can't do much of anything to help, but I wanted to bring it up because a few people have encountered issues like this.

4. The game crashes-

WOAH you don’t need to continue that sentence, please email support@doublefine.com with details on your device, what you are/were doing at the time of the crash, and any other information that might even be tangentially related to your device’s performance. We definitely didn't mean for it to happen, and we’ll try to make sure it’s fixed asap.

5. When will the game be available in my region?

We know how much it sucks when all your cool Canadian and American friends have such an awesome game taunting you. We’re working on bringing the game to as many regions as possible, but the localization alone is going to take a bit of time before we consider it Double Fine Quality. Please be patient with us during this time, we just want you to have the best product we can make.


We have received everyone’s vocal and enthusiastic requests for an android version of this game! We’re currently working on the logistics for this as we’re not currently set up internally to port to Android yet. We wish we could just push a button and the android version would pop out, but it’s not nearly that easy.

There are several threads around here about android, so feel free to let us know which phone you have in one of those, and we’ll use that data for our decisions in the future.

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