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World Tree implementation

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Ok not sure how many people are still reading this forum or interested but anyway I thought I'd post where I've gotten up to with a mostly functional version of the world tree. I think this is along the general concept of what Brandon intended but probably different from what he would have done. I basically just used the existing tree roots level layout and added some script.

Download the zip file and extract into your Hack n Slash directory replacing existing files. This also depends on some files from my previously released Console implementation so I've included that too, with some minor refinements. The forums won't let me attach the files here, so try this link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/107834969/tree_changes.zip

The general navigation is generally similar to how the library works. Drill down into objects by moving up into the roots, left and right to navigate the current node, etc. As you move near the bottom of each root a popup will show the property name and value. If its editable then the standard interact keys will pop up an editable dialog (if facing north). This all works reasonably well for the pure lua objects, however when enter a 'userdata' object then only a limited subset of properties are visible, some are read only or write only and some can crash the game or otherwise render it unplayable - but mostly its ok. Have some text and objects in the game to indicate some of this, but you may want to watch the console window started with game to help keep track of where you are and for error messages.

Could maybe take this a bit further based on some of the SaveLoad functionality since many of the issues the Paul Du Bois has talked about in dealing with the Lua/C++ boundary apply to this too. But this'll probably do me for now.

Playing around with this gives some idea of what could be involved in future puzzles. For example a few ways you could kill monsters that are protected from the cable: set default health for monsters to zero (pretty funny, walk into a room and all the guards immediately fall over dead), activate friendlyfire by default and set the fireball spawn offset to negative so it starts behind them and they shoot themselves, set default view distance to zero. You can also modify cable distance and speed, or the hourglass slowdown ratio. You can directly modify the game speed on MOAISim if your hourglass breaks. You can expand the visible area in several ways by editing rooms, camera etc. so maybe you could see clues that were were hidden outside of the default view distance or something. Currently you can't do much to edit your inventory contents but you can swap out the sprite displayed, maybe this would let you smuggle an item past a guard that tries to take it off you.

Hacked visuals:


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