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After reading a post about someone challenging themselves to kill all the bots on the map I thought that's a great idea. I thought up a challenge for myself, complete Autonomous without building a bot, therefore not mining at all. So gates and getting enemy bots to kill themselves are the only way to get energy.

Suicide hammer bots are the easiest way to kill enemy bots, and the most satisfying.


Getting melee bots to hit other bots by standing behind them is effective too.


The grenade robots agro bots by accident all the time, I helped this along by standing next to the other bot, also the grenade bot managed to blow itself up by firing at the dead bot as a bonus.


This is the hardest and most dangerous tactic, getting double armed shooting robots to kill one another by drawing fire then running behind one.


I managed it in 15:29, it sometimes takes time to bait one bot into the next room.


I didn't get the opportunity in this game but baiting sound bots into suicide hammer bots is great, you can stick as close as you want to them because they don't do damage.

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