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Are these games profitable?

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Ok, let's talk a bit about serious business: cold money. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some shareholder wannabe interested in numbers; just call it curiosity. Well, let me explain: I'm about to begin my career as a 3D modeler, and I would really love to end up working in this kind of games, such as Double Fine's or Gamecock's.

I really enjoy independent games most of the time, but are they really profitable? People seem to play always the same, they rather buy the Nth Need for Speed than exposing themselves to something new, which could potentially be something "weird" and that is a bad thing for them. So, we have these small companies struggling to get a publisher. Obviously, each game is a world by itself, but take a game like Psychonauts, did it make enough money to finance quite loosely their next project?

We all know the story of Majesco, and that Psychonauts obviously didn't save them from their economic situation, but I refuse to believe that it didn't make at least a reasonable profit, since Double Fine has found a good editor for the Next Excellent Game Brütal Legend (PC version please!), and we know that companies don't publish games for their good reviews.

Ok, post your thoughts, they'll be welcome, and even better if they came with some real knowledge about the budget-profit relation for games such as Grim Fandango, Psychonauts...

PS: Excuse my English if I made mistakes, I'm Spanish.

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