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Costume Quest and Gravity Falls

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I just got into Gravity Falls, and I realized it would be a great fit for the Costume Quest universe. If you haven't heard of Gravity Falls, you should go check it out this minute, its awesome! The show follows the lives of two twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel Pines, and their adventures in the sleepy town of Gravity Falls that is home to a lot of colorful characters and spooky mysteries. The town loves Halloween so much, they celebrate it twice a year, only in Summer its called "Summerween" and they use Watermelons instead of Pumpkins.

After seeing all this I was immediately reminded of the wonderful Costume Quest, and I thought it would be a incredibly super duper cool if Double Fine teamed up with Disney Television Animation and made a cross-over sequel that took place during Summerween featuring the Gravity Falls characters. I'm certainly not suggesting Costume Quest was lacking character, far from it. I just noticed that its sense of humor fit so well with the Gravity Falls franchise that I could immediately picture the marriage in my head. It would be great to both see a good Gravity Falls game and a sequel to Costume Quest.

Just a thought, be gentle. At the very least I've clued you all onto a cool show, and maybe given you a new reason to boot Costume Quest during the summer.


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