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Let's Play Series for The Cave! [ Vote on Characters! ]

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Greetings Cave Dwellers!

On the day of release for The Cave me and my friend will be doing a Let's Play series on it! Unfortunately it won't be co-op since one of us lives in the US and the other n the UK, but we do have a few ideas in mind on how to get this to work. What we'll most likely end up doing is uploading 2 completely different playthroughs, different characters, and with our own solo commentary. That, or 1 playthrough, with commentary recorded over it discussing our experiences.

I'll also open a poll on here to decide what characters we'll be playing. If it's 2 playthroughs, we'll leave out the least voted and one of us will take evens and the other odds and form a group of those characters, if it's 1 playthrough we'll do the top 3 voted.

I actually have no idea how this poll will go to be completely honest, usually people aren't too interested in new youtubers. So if all goes terribly and it fails, we'll decide ourselves!;)

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: The info is in my signature!

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