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Usability Suggestions

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Main Room (Base)

Trophy Case - Clicking on this should bring up iOS Achievements

Vending Machine - Clicking on this should bring up Purchase Snacks

Success Rate Poster - Clicking on this should bring up some stats, say crimes fought. Strangely enough, on gamecenter 1 seems like the best number for crimes fought. I think this should be ascending (higher number better), not decending (golf score).

Middle Manager Office

New Skill - All Hands - This lets me bark an order that everybody will follow. Everybody Rest! or Everybody Relax! or Everybody Work! Time saver so I don't have to do these commands X4.

File Cabinets - Do nothing. Would be cool for them to do something. Same for the phone.

Juicer - Clicking should make blender noises.

Copier - Clicking should make copier scan noise.

Upgrade - Like other rooms, let me upgrade the office, plz. Upgrading rooms is one of my favorite parts of the game so far.

Other Rooms

Other rooms give me a "Who should...?" if I click on the equiment in the room. This doesn't happen in the gym (when I click on 1st treadmill) or rec room (when I click on couch).

Bottom Bar

Gold (Amount) - Clicking on this should purchase gold.

Superium (Amount) - Clicking on this should go to purchase superium.

Line Up Screen

Should show following information for each hero:

Level, Location (Room or In Battle), Training Sessions Left

About Screen

What's new - What's new in the current update

Map Icon

Gold coin - Show gold coin on map icon if there are gold coins to collecti.

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