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Huge bug in Hillbilly's Carnival

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NOTE: I was playing on PS3 as the Hillbilly, Monk, and Time Traveler.

I just finished The Hillbilly's Carnival level and I nearly had to reset the entire game. I had just gotten the lighter as the Monk. I helped the Hillbilly down the dunk tank so he could turn off the valve so the firefighters' hose wouldn't work.

I switched to the monk and set the hay on fire with the Hillbilly still underwater. I switched back to the Hillbilly and got him out to head to the exit. However, in front of the dunk tank were two burning luggage cases that were pit there to prevent me from traveling back. Apparently I needed to be in front of them before the hay was set on fire. What's weird, though, is that the Time Traveler had teleported to the Monk as should have the Hillbilly.

I had to turn my PS3 off then back on to get past the luggage carts. Ever have this glitch?

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