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Double Fine shouldn't post things like this: https://twitter.com/DoubleFine/status/306195922516324352. It causes stirrings in my pants... you know, in the wallet region.

I'd love to see as many Double Fine games on as my platforms as possibly (especially Linux and Android). I know lots of others do as well, it's pretty much a dead horse at this point. I've worked in the tech industry long enough that I know that ports aren't free. I'd love to be able to chip in to offset that upfront cost if there was a way to do it. I know the tip jar for Reds is there, but I'd like to donate in a way that specifically says, "I'm really jealous watching my children play Middle Manager of Justice on their iPods" or "Please allow me to gather favor with the Gods of Metal without having to reboot into Windows." Any plans on doing something like this? :-)

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