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Chocolate Sprinkles

Scott .C on your PSP (it rhymes)

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Hi there,

My first post and !topic! is about ME and a little thing i delved into. Its called the PSP theme creator and I am currently making a Scott .C theme. I actually stole his copyright and now i'm making his art mine! I love his work and i bet loads of people on these boards do ( i also love the rest of you artists but this aint about you!) So.. psp... scott.... well anyways, here is a little Preview for you PsP lovers, owh and if anyone can tell me how i can make an indexed image transperant, it would be greatly apriciated!


1)connect PSP to pc

2)copy the above file to drive:/PSP/THEME

3)go to themes on your PSP and select the new one, or any other if you dont wanna see this one :P

p.s. if this should be on the fan art topic (which it is not!) move it!



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